Arc pre-ordering now

we’re in production! thank you for your support and patience as we’ve been making fine adjustments over the past months.

pre-orders are open now:

$800. early orders will ship first, mid-august at the earliest. there may be manufacturer holdups which will cause a week or two delay, but we can hope.

EDIT: orders placed now are looking at early september delivery.

US shipping free. int’l $40.

this is a complete redesign-- circuits, mechanics, firmware-- everything. the encoder mechanism is custom-- our own shaft, bearing, reflector, knob… the whole thing. specialized grease is applied for perfect smooth action. these knobs are a bit “slower” than the past editions and feel excellent. the mechanics and optical detection together make for predictable and accurate tiny movements.

the aluminum enclosure provides a perfect weight to counterbalance working with these large knobs-- rubber feet (identical to the grid) prevent slipping.

this new arc is 100% compatible with the 2012 walnut edition. for anyone unfamiliar with the arc, google “monome arc” for an avalanche of media. and we have a couple new arc applications on the way.

more media coming in august upon return from the europe tour, when we begin assembling and documenting. what you’re seeing/reading now is pre-polished enthusiasm.

thank you again for your continued support. we’ve very excited to share this with you all.



just to clarify: does this mean that the functionality of the new arc and the 2012 is the same? as in: the new module and whatever applications are released for the new arc will also work %100 with the 2012 arc?

i want to make sure that i do not need to sell the old one and get the new one to take full advantage of the new module etc.

truly excited for all the arc-oriented news!

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Will there be any new arc max patches or m4l objects released when these ship?

correct. same resolution, no push button, same LED interaction. they are functionally identical, though the feel and look are slightly different.

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new max patches, yes.

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Also, will this be a limited run, or will there be ongoing availability like with the new grids? :slight_smile:

all runs are inherently “limited” but i’m expecting to be able to ship 100 by mid-septermber. early orders will go first. there is a lot of assembly and testing involved. and to your question, yes if we run out we’d order more parts. so there will/may be gaps, but this is a design we plan to continue making.


Thank you for clarifying that.

… and ordered. still keeping my walnut edition one (and a grid) but i think it makes perfect sense to have 2 sets of arcs/grids - or at least that’s how i can justify it to myself…

looks like LED colour is different? or is it just the way the photo makes it look?

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you crazy man!
i am very familiar with these kinds of mental games we play with ourselves…


Excellent :slight_smile: Going to pre-order one soon, have been anticipating using this for my Supercollider setup for some time.

i love the new form factor and look but there is something special about the walnut editions…
still, i could see a [somewhat crazy] set up with 2 arcs and 2 grids controlling 4 tetralogy modules…


Excellent, glad that there is the prospect of long term availability, we’ve got some slight exchange rate volatility in my neck of the woods at the moment…

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heads up that i just corrected the intl ship rate-- was $70, now $40.

not sure if there is a glitch in the system but i wasn’t able to pre-order with a Canadian address (just used my US address instead)

Hehe, same exact (currency volatility) position here, otherwise would have pre-ordered one as well.


Right, I can see that too,
but wouldn’t you then want them all to match? :wink:

Just ordered. Looking forward!!

true, but might be a good way to remember what’s controlling what :slight_smile:

I’m in !!
Thanks for these babies !