Arc questions: Input overload? bitmask?

Im doing some dev for the arc, and I’ve found it’s pretty easy to overload the input.

If I send one osc message to serialosc on each turn message from serialosc, many of the messages do are lost somewhere in transmission.

Has anyone tested what the maximum reliable rate is for sending osc messages to the arc?

I’m using a Walnut edition, from (I believe) 2011.

One other question – In the docs on the grid, there is a serialosc protocol for sending a bitmask to explicit set many LEDs simultaneously. Is there no such option for the arc? I see you can set a range of led simultaneously with /ring/range, but this only works if the leds are adjacent, and if you are setting them all to the same level.

elsewhere it’s been seen that some OS change might be throttling the OSC pipes.

one suggestion i have is to use more “big” messages (like /map) on a fixed timer-- this is by far the most computationally efficient. often when doing output-for-input messages like you’re suggesting there’s simply no way your eyes can register the rate of changes happening and the computer starts misbehaving.

check out returns for a pretty solid js update routine:

the other thing you can do with straight max patches is be sure to use change to make sure you’re not sending duplicate data ever. another method is to use speedlim.