Arc tiny tips for recognition/connection

Hi all!

I’ve been very frustrated with Arc connections recently but just find out one possible solution, and I hope this thread might save some of you guys time trying to delete, reinstall or sudo stuffs.

My new Arc4 worked before with a native el capitan Mac, but it just stopped showing up recently. I did everything i could find in the forum and it just still can’t be connected. Then i connect it to a usb hub with external power, and it suddenly works…

im on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015), with recently updated el capitan, version is 10.11.6

but one thing still bothered me is, my Grid128(newest version) works just fine without the usb hub, and it seems it should consume more power than Arc(right?)

anyway i hope this could be helpful!!

e-mail as i there were a handful that went out with an FTDI circuit defect very early on. i can get it fixed for you if this is the case.

thanks tehn, already sent email yesterday :]

yeah im in shanghai, china so sending you the hardware will be a little bit tricky, especially when send back from US to China, the custom in China is very hard to deal with recently…but ill try figure it out.

So you mean the problem i mentioned seems to be symptoms from defect FTDI circuit?