Arc2 and 128 Connectivity Issues on Windows

Hi @artfwo, thanks for the quick response.

I’m pretty sure I reinstalled it correctly, I can try a uninstall/reboot/reinstall/reboot cycle just to make sure the windows services are cleared out.

Good news though - I’m connecting directly to the arc via serial in TouchDesigner, and have already converted all the relevant api calls. The latency is incredibly low (especially using a 120fps patch) and the sensitivity is absolutely out of this world! Haven’t had any drops (other than crashes of connection when sending invalid commands accidentally during testing, a quick unplug and reconnect resets everything just fine). I’ll probably stick to serial for my custom applications, though I’m hoping the win10 issues for serialosc get solved for using other people’s Max patches like Capstarc. Thanks for looking into this!

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Yes, restarting the system might be necessary.

It works! My Arc is working smoothly with all M4L devices now!

It is much more stable, but if I close down an Ableton project, and open another one, it is suddenly not recognized, and the only fix I have found is to restart the computer

is the arc also not recognized from other clients, i.e. the monome package for max?

FYI on my new laptop, plugging in my grid 256 VB and arc4 did not trigger an automatic install of the ftdi driver (iirc it did in the past on another system).
Q: which driver is suggested?
I suggest to link to the ftdi driver package again in monome docs

It might have been installed in the background or you had it already.

The driver provided by Windows works very well (it’s actually provided by FTDI via Windows Update), there is no need to install any other drivers.

Actually it didn’t (for some reason) that’s why I am writing here :slight_smile: .
I had to install twice manually. Before that, device manager said that there weren’t any drivers installed for the devices and a search thru windows update didn’t yield any results.
After the first installation device manager showed two usb devices, but still unknowns as well. A second install directing search to the downloaded ftdi drivers succeeded and it now works fine.

Well, that’s weird. What’s you version of Windows? Do you have Windows Update disabled perhaps?

Indeed, still on 20H2, windows update is enabled.
New Lenovo x1 yoga gen 6

@tehn, I recall you had to reinstall the driver twice on a yoga laptop too?

i had to twice-install the drivers but i’d hesitate to blame the computer over the OS.

if you do need to install the drivers manually, you need the FTDI VCP driver appropriate for your OS: VCP Drivers - FTDI

thanks for the tip, i’ve just added links in the docs

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