Arc2 + eurorack

Has anyone done any work towards getting an arc to place nice with any of the eurorack modules? Or does anyone know of future plans to release a modular unit that supports arc functionality? I love to hear details - or maybe work on a project together? Cheers.

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There is an Arduino Due based nw2s::b module
I contributed the arc support to the firmware and did a sketch for it, you can find the details/videos here:

You could probably port the code fairly easily if you want to build something your own as described here:

Other than that the only other option I can think of is by going through a computer and using something like Expert Sleepers…

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I would also love to see a special module for Arc from monome!

@scanner_darkly Thanks for the info on nw2s, I hadn’t heard of it, even though that kind of thing is right up my alley. Expert sleepers and max is what I currently use, but now I’m going to give the Arduino route a try.

Btw - I watched some of your videos and they’re great! What did you do to your Volcas so that they receive / send CV?

thanks! no mods on Volcas - just using the trigger ins/outs to sync modular or vice versa and sometimes processing audio through the modular as well. would be great to add CV or individual triggers though.

what i’d love is an all aluminium arc to match the new 128, with accompanying euro module

i made 2 m4l apps for the arc 4 with modulars in mind, I think you can use them with the arc2 if you have an old one with the push knobs.

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I have been Jonesing for an Arc module since I started even considering getting into the Eurorack stuff. More recently I decided this could be the first project to try to take on once I pick up a Due. I think I just might have enough circuit knowledge to be able to put together what I’m thinking about (but then I could be wrong). I’d more than welcome the opportunity to team up. I however have an Arc4, and would want to design a module that could accommodate it. I have an idea for one that could use either, but it wouldn’t make sense to describe how without first discussing what the module would do.

I want to create basically a combo of plates (with fixed waveforms maybe) and edw - for each knob on the arc there’s a wave, square, and trigger out. Basically each arc knob controls the frequency of an oscillator that extends through LFO range, and which sends a trigger out whenever it hits say 12 o’clock. Whether the wave out would be a more simply varied waveform or come from a wavetable would depend on if you could figure out how to input values (maybe ‘live record’ using the arc after say pushing a button on the module). Maybe you could have an in to write the wavetable also.

I’d want to be able to set the range for each encoder (would include being able to set all positive vs. pos/neg), the sensitivity of the arc encoders, and the ‘friction’ of each encoder. I’d also want to be able to set the square wave pulse width, which if the module doesn’t use a writable wavetable could also be the setting to vary from reverse to forward saw wave, with an even triangle and 50% pulse width occupying the center setting. Then maybe a setting to vary between triangle and sine shape so you wouldn’t need separate outs for each.

Early in the design thought process I realized it would be redundant and inefficient to have any encoders on the module itself, since the arc’s are available for encoder input. The answer I came up with was push buttons for each of the above parameters that are either hold-to-set or toggle-to-set using the arc encoders and display (or maybe led indicators for which is selected next to the push buttons). Hadn’t really thought much about whether I’d want CV ins for any of the above parameters - could be fun…or too complicated for a first effort.

Anyway I’ll stop - obviously this is all just mental exercise for the moment. Oh, as for the Arc2s, you could have 2 usb ins on the module: connect arc4 to 1 to control all four or connect an arc2 to 1 to control the first and to 2 to control the second two (or 2 arc2s to control all four).

I’d love to hear other ideas, or problems people see with this one. @Pauk - love the M4L devices.

Where can I find these patches, Mr. Pauk?

@scanner_darkly i am getting the nw2sb soon but only have an arc 2…will binaryarc still work? or is there a way to shift focus on the encoders somehow?

Yep, it should work with arc2 - I did develop it with different editions in mind, but possibly missed some places as I didn’t have arc2 to test it with. If you run into any problems let me know, I’ll be happy to help!

And actually with arc2 you just won’t be able to use encoders to control notes and number of zones, but you can still use CVs to control the latter as well as phase and base note. Since all the notes will be the same for #3 and 4 they will always output the base note but at least you could use the gates/triggers out for something and control them with CV. I like the idea with shifting focus though, maybe I could use one of the switches for that.

great idea

i appreciate what you’ve poured into this already and making it freely available

cheers, super happy to have somebody else play with it! and yeah, let me know if you need help with the ::b setup, will be happy to help.

definitely man

it’ll be fun

here is one:

and the other:

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