Arc4 problems

Hi! I have an Arc4, last generation, bought it new from cntrl in November 2016. I used it a lot the first months but then I went back to grid, so it kept unused for several months.

Yesterday I rescued it and connected to Ansible but the second knob felt weird, it has not the “flow” and smoothness of the others. In fact it felts sticky and jumpy…

The question is, should I open it and check it or maybe it’s a problem from a lack of use and I should play with it for a couple of days?


I had a similar problem - I recommend messaging @tehn for a solution :slight_smile: It might just need a clean or perhaps a replacement bearing - see what he says. Opening up the arc reveals what a fantastic design it is!

e-mail for a fix

I went through the same process today as one of the knobs wasn’t changing the values smoothly. The construction is superb. Simply opening the arc to take photos for @tehn was enough to sort out the main issue, though it still feels a little rough compared to the other knobs.