ArcControl + Gridlab for Ableton

spotted via @stretta :slight_smile:

looks great!
github download:


Yeah, doe look great indeed -thanks a lot for pointing to this!


Yeah really cool.

I’m curious about his jitter-based approach to arc animation. I especially liked how it rotates slowly when you change orientation, real slick.

I can’t figure it out from the code though, as it refers to static ‘movies’ named “arc_indicator.png”, but can’t seem to find the actual assets for them to see how/what they are made and oriented.

I’m trying to find what you took a screenshot of, and can’t. Where is that?

Inside the Gridlab ArcControl.amxd device. The graphic elements I added, in order to visualize what the matrix is dumping out. Just out of frame is a subpatch that contains all of the .png file names.

I presume the image itself is 64pixels wide, and from the labelling of the main matrix, I guess 500 pixels tall?

I still can’t find this subpatcher with the filenames. Cmd-F for “png” returns 0 results. I bet I’m staring right at it and not seeing it.

The files are only referred to inside coll arc_modes:

Thank you! Wouldn’t it be nice if that was part of the Cmd-F scope? Sigh.

great visualization. it’s curious png files are used to store that - wonder how/why (but i have pretty much zero knowledge about max - perhaps it makes perfect sense).

Well, I’m really curious about those PNGs too, but I also couldn’t find them. Wish I understood more about the amxd file format and how it embeds other binaries. On a hunch I tried renaming it to .zip to see if it’s just that, but no dice.

Yeah I’m curious about it. I’ve done those kinds of visualizations using list management and interpolation, but I’m presuming it’s easier just having a matrix with the interpolation built in, that you then rotate.

The embedded assets is weird. I can’t find which devices have it now, but he does the same .png trick in the BEAP modules as well, and similarly, I can’t find the source png files anywhere.

Hi. I am not able to load the device into Ableton, what could be wrong?
Thanks, Kurt.

Ah, totally forgot that @stretta is on here (just saw his mention in the newsletter), so maybe he can chime in with how/why the .png thing.

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Would be absolutely wonderful to see @stretta around these parts again!


I encounter a lot of problems with ArcControl. I never used my arc with my computer so it might be a setup problem.
The Arc is sometimes recognized, sometimes not. Led feedback is most of the time not working.

Also i noticed that my Arc doesn’t have the same name depending on if it’s connected thru a usb hub or directly in a usb slot.

I just ran a fresh install of the serialosc package.

Well, it seems to work super nicely with another computer so it looks like a setup problem.

Computer that works :
Os 10.10.15
Live 9.7
Max 7.3.1

Computer that doesn’t work :
Os 10.11.16
Live 9.7
Max 7.3.1

On the working computer (that has quircks as well in the end) i’ve got a lot of “changes cannot be triggered by notifications”.

My problem is solved: I had to download the whole “gridlab-master”-package - the download of the single “ArcControl” didn´t work.
Thanks a lot Stretta - great tool !

just tried it out. i’m able send encoder data to the patch, but there is no led feedback. also changing the arc orientation doesn’t re-order the encoders.

i downloaded the whole and loaded arcControl from within that directory.

ableton 9.5
serialosc 1.4
os x 10.11.6

any tips?

edit: updated to live 9.7 no dice.

I don’t own an arc yet but all of the grid patches have worked flawlessly for me so far. Great stuff from @stretta!

I got a similar response (though ableton 9.7). The led feedback wasn’t working for a while and then just turned on all of the sudden. Trying to figure out what cause the lights to turn on…still quite usable without the led though!