ArcControl + Gridlab for Ableton

I am new to the monome world but now am very pleased exploring the polygome app in Strettas gridlab m4l iteration. Indeed! Whatever I darn to press - it just sounds beautiful )

BUT. I would like to understand what I am actually doing. Very dumb, I know. But this is so universal and neat.

Someone out there using it? What exactly does the top row do? Is there a way to control the scales switching? How do I save the pressed patterns? Is there a manual of sorts?

hugs and adoring


Jedis, please help.

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Next question )

The “x” and “y” are crucial. Can one automate these ??


hope someone can help me and sorry necrobump.
my grid is coneccted correctly as it respond with every other max/max for live scripts i have, but i can’t connect to any of the stretta scripts! when i hit setup, the only item in the pop up window on grid is “none”
i’m using mac os 10.14.6 ableton 11 max 8.1.7

Stretta doesn’t really come around here lately. You’ll probably have better luck using GitHub issues?

thank you! i’ll try.
why doesn’t he come to lines? he did (and do) such amazing scripts!

He is now a full time educator along with many other tasks. If I were a wiser man, I would set aside more time for creation and family and less time fooling around online. I don’t know Stretta’s situation, but I know I could benefit from more focus.