Architectures invisibles (album release)

I’m happy to introduce my new album called “Architectures Invisibles”.

Architectures Invisibles is a sonic reflection of a mind state, wandering through a haunted past.

Samples evolve on each other, constructing sonic textures, crafting memories, and conjuring thoughts of time.
At its core, this EP builds slowly moving dreamscapes, representative of a mental map and fragments of life and time.

Mastered by Taylor Deupree - 12K Mastering

The release included some limited edition poster and set of cards representing the visual scores of the album:

You can listen and support me on my bandcamp page:


I just started listening to it yesterday I liked the sounds very much and wanted to come back later, perfect timing for the reminder !

Love the graphic scores! Are they drawn with a pen plotter or just printed normally?

There were drawn by hand then cleaned up with a vector tool and printed on a high end inkjet plotter

Merci :slight_smile: I have followed some of your FM course on Sawup lately

Avec plaisir !

Wow, that is crazy, first time in my life someone says that to me, I hope you like it / find it useful !

It was a good base to move from my Digtone presets to something personal. Donc merci beaucoup :slight_smile:

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