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allllll right! since I have a 14 day quarantine ahead of me I’ve decided to spend some serious time learning some of the many new additions that have been implemented over the past few weeks.

I have a question in regards to midi out when Im using a couple different ins and outs. here is my current setup.

—Im clocking arcologies via Ableton and no aproblem here. (its port 1 on the Norns) All A-OK
I have my grid on port 3. Solid as a rock. no problems

I have my opz on port 2. it is receiving midi and reading the correct BPM. The only thing that is missing is a reset that matches Ableton on the opz. can arcologies receive a clock on port 1 and send a mirrored reset to a different port?


  • NEW Add fringes territory: the cells immediately adjacent.
  • NEW Territories illuminate on the grid. This is very satisfying.
  • FIX Mazes with a metabolism of zero no longer cause a freeze.

@MatthewAshmore may arcologies bring you peace in your quarantine days. do send maps of the lands you discover.

i don’t think norns supports resets like this? i’m not quite sure what a “reset” is. is it toggling start stop? EDIT: are you using ableton link?

@dan_derks do you know? looks like link resets aren’t supported:


Maybe reset wasn’t the right verbage there. A clock start and stop output from norns via arcologies was what I was referring to. Nonetheless it’s allll good!

@tyleretters , Would it be possible to extend topiary to include the MI-ENGS supercollider implementations? Maybe have one parameter extra that points to a saved preset for the Braids, Rings, Elements, and Plaits? These sound so beautiful - if arcologies had access to them I might never leave the house again. This would be similar to dronecaster in that it wouldn’t ideally add complexity to arcologies - it would just send note values and gates via OSC to the supercollider synths. All the complexity comes in setting up and saving presets, and that’s external to the arcologies workflow.

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sure! dream with me a bit. what are MI-ENGS? i googled it but didn’t come up with any results.

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:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

i will turn my attention to this :point_up_2: as soon as i’m done with this :point_down:


oh my fracken…ok…
it just keeps getting crazier!!!

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calling all brave souls - arc support is stable: https://github.com/tyleretters/arcologies/tree/v1.2.0

norns e1, e2, e3, and global bpm as well as orientation reset and almost all of the attribute animations are done (~29/32). structures, notes, and range aren’t complete yet. they are the final bosses…


You are going to make me want a damn arc Tyler! Saw some of the clips from your IG and the arc UI looks wonderfully alive

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I’ll be your best friend for osc arc support lolz. But yeah a lonely little iPad I have screaming for arc. :wink:

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@MatthewAshmore Did you try it with touchosc? TouchOSC templates for Grid and Arc


i’ll add osc support to the backlog :slight_smile:

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I forgot there was an arc page in that!!! I just use to use the grid! Forehead slap! Thanks

Made six speech samples with a tape dictaphone and plugin. Uploaded them to Norns for use in Crypts. Connected Norns midi to DAW
This was the result…

Seeking, hiding. Life, death. Time, no time.

A slow paced Arcologies adventure


i absolutely adore this. thank you for sharing. any chance you could share the map? :smiley:

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Thanks. I didn’t save the map unfortunately. I will endeavour to do this in the future.


all good! i’m always so curious how people build their compositions

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A faster map, arcologies is playing model cycles. Parts come in as institutions crumble, until kudzu eventually consumes it.

(edit to add the map)


this is flipping gorgeous. i had no idea what to expect and then around 29 seconds i was like :open_mouth:

EDIT: this map is so cool. i love how you used institutions everywhere. i’m especially curious about the cryptic casino in the northwest and the tunnels.

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