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Excellent. Thank you! This is both good and bad news as I now need to find room in my rack. Thanks again.

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HAHAH!! no apologies here @b_a_d_fruit ! until you procure a grid i know some folks have had success with other devices/screens. and yes, @riueru is correct. thank you for the detailed response, @riueru :slight_smile:

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Just to say I can confirm that arcologies runs well with 2x Launchpad Minis Mk 3 and midigrid.


@DoS I was thinking about that. I was even considering waiting until the Oxi One becomes available and hoping someone figures out how to support the grid that piece of gear has but ultimately I decided I want to go for the real thing.

Honestly, the more I think about it I kind of want to give Monome my support so I’ll wait for the next run to become available.


This is an admirable approach - and I will do the same at that future point when I am able to do so - there’s something so satisfyingly correct about the real thing. The good thing about Launchpads is that they are pretty useful for other devices that are USB midi hosts too (in my case an Axoloti).


Perhaps an issue coming from the new Norns update. Whenever I press k2 to toggle off playback, my entire Norns shield becomes unresponsive. Only thing helping is a hard reboot. Does anyone else have the same issue?

Edit: plugging and unpluggig, I have narrowed the issue down to the entire program freezing upon untoggle playback when my bleached is connected. Unpluggig resolves the freeze. I have not had my bleached connected while using arcologies before, so unsure if it is an existing issue.

Ed2: I notice some programs have a hard time loading as well (but quicker when bleached is disconnected), so maybe it is a general issue.

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As I’m learning the intricacies of Arcologies, I thought it would be helpful to get myself some reference cards printed for each structure. Here’s a mockup:

I ordered a prototype deck from a company that specializes in trading cards, and I’ll gladly share the result if anyone else would like to have their own deck.

Cheers for this awesome tool @tyleretters. I will not be selling these cards or distributing them anywhere else outside this group. PDF for download: https://www.jottacloud.com/s/208acc890031c3841f79fe5de7e611c21f9


So, I guessed a bit more about the issue in the bleached thread including maiden output. Might be some kind of midi device issue within Arcologies?

Edit: Issue resolved! Turns out it was a midi buffer case in the bleached firmware.

These look awesome, I like the idea of arcologies tarot.


very cool!

these would make for a neat divination tool for the noiz!
maybe even add some dice for more randomization.


If anything I think it is a system issue (race condition) exposed by the weight of arcologies and something I don’t yet understand about the timing of messages from the bleached controller…

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I like the way you think. Maybe you can just spread them out on a table and then replicate the layout on the grid.

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@branch these are absolutely incredible. you’ve totally warmed my heart. thank you for sharing. i’ll try not to change behavior’s on you too much :sweat_smile:

@Thhhh i’m glad your issue got resolved it!

@zebra do you have a critique on how to reduce weight?

@edrapley “I like the idea of arcologies tarot.” say more


@tyleretters, too kind, but they’re based on your design so my hat goes off to you. I plan to color-code the cards based on their function (e.g. blue signal emitters, red note players, green sample players) so they will eventually morph into a more useful learning tool.

And please don’t hesitate to update behaviors as I’m a big fan of seeing this project evolve! Updating the cards is a no-brainer in comparison :slight_smile:


@tyleretters no it’s not a problem with arcologies. I don’t even know much about ye script except it is one with an exceptionally high rate of drawing commands. That’s totally fine and makes it a good test case.

The specific issue here is that (I gather) arcos treats the midi device as a sink and a source. (?) And the bleached firmware had/has a serious but easily resolved bug where sending it messages will end up hanging the host.

The fact that one of the final symptoms ends up looking like a race condition or even stomped memory (a method function is called on a table that has been destructed…? Or something) is another wack system behavior i’d like to try and isolate - not the source of the bug, but a graceless failure mode in response to a pathological situation that fixing the bleached firmware will resolve.

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I love the narrative world of arcologies, how it’s possible to create stories about places which are translated into music.

The cards are equivalent to the major arcana, but they retain their meaning within the framework of arcologies rather than being assigned to the values of traditional tarot.

Off the top of my head an arcologies tarot process would be something like:

  • Remove cards to match your enabled structures
  • Place the subject as a signal emitter
  • Set global variables to match emotional state
  • Shuffle the cards and deal a spread
  • Recreate this spread on arcologies with the subject providing input to the semantically appropriate place(s)
  • Open ports to represent the flow of time or other interactions
  • Speak aloud the story of this place while listening to it’s music
  • Adjust structure settings to better represent intentions

this is such a cool concept. techno-shamanism-mystical-ghost-in-the-shell-audio-therapy. makes me think of a fork/different version of arcologies where the grid is your “table/spread” and each key is like drawing and placing a card. norns would display the tarot card when you hit the key and it’d take care of signals and ports automatically so you could just boot it up, press some keys, and get a reading with music…


This isn’t far from my first big norns project plan :smiley:


ya know…i have been thinking about this quite a bit.
one thing i have delved into over the past few years are divination tools.

cards and dice and other objects that serve to divine things from the ether.

here are a few that i use:


Oracle Deck II | Bird Ov Prey
Ars Goetia Demons Cards by TORVENIUS CARD DECK limited | Etsy
Ars Goetia demon seals / sigils coins wooden altar piece | Etsy
Spirit Coin | Etsy

using these cards for the divination of noiz will continue the Eno path of his Oblique Strategies. :stuck_out_tongue:


I ran into an issue when saving an Arcology.

Reading through the docs I can see that audio and crypts don’t get saved, and that’s fair enough, but when I save and reload an Arcology all my crypts return to index 1 and all my shrines return to the default note of C4.

Has anyone experienced this behavior?

P.S. what does “Save Map” accomplish? I can’t see it mentioned in the docs. Cheers!