— arcologies —

@ESC no envelopes, yet. diagonals and reflections are things i hadn’t considered. i’ll add them to the backlog.

@gimber not yet. crypts were my first time working with softcut and they’re intentionally super rudimentary. i’m mustering up the courage to do something more complex.


got something special for y’all



I have no tattoos.
I’m literally considering getting some of these glyphs.


i’ll get whatever you get lol


since i have been really wanting to use norns graphics in videosynths…well…this happened.
thanks to @tyleretters map graphic…
i made a font out of the structures so i could use them in Structure.
(sorry if that’s a wee bit confusing)
but…here is tonight’s noiz session…
two norns with arcologies, one norns with @dan_derks Cheat Codes, a PB2 into a Shield norns running @infinitedigits OOOOOO, Nava Extra 9, Polyend Tracker and a Spazedrum:

not all of the structures from arcologies are in there but most of them should appear…


spike this is awesome – i love seeing those structures animated + great early morning wake up tunes :slight_smile:


this is so cool to see the glyphs in 3d. i love it.

for anyone else curious:


@Renato, @tyleretters

FYI - @Gerald_Stevens tested with an update to the Fates fork tonight and it seems to have solved the jumping encoder problem.

If you have this issue on Fates hardware, please DM me and I’ll send some info to update manually over SSH.

Apologies for the problem.


Will this update be rolled in with the next Norns/Fates system update?


(Current solution is just a matter of pulling the current fates fork and recompiling)


This is super lovely! Thank you. Can you describe your setup here? Because of Arcologies, I assume you’re using a Norns and a Grid. What else is involved, if anything?


Thanks. Crypts were placed carefully near the corners to create a slow beat triggered by some far away domes this was done first. Then some shrines and topiaries which would compliment each other at different times. Then some casinos which linked to the DAW to play notes on a vst electric piano. This was sent through past fabric a pure magnetik plugin. Also some convolution reverb.
That was the setup.

Shrines, Topiaries, Domes and Casinos then had their ports closed. I hit record and slowly began opening the ports and later slowly closing them.


I’ve run into something… Not sure if it is related to Arcologies or my “bleached DIY controller”. When pressing K2 (pause) Norns freezes for me. Dug into the code of Arcologies and commented out line 64 in counter.lua “m:all_off()”. After this the problem goes away. Has anyone else noticed this weird behaviour when connecting a midi controller and pressing K2?

@okyeron @thedaniel @SPIKE @Gerald_Stevens @Renato @Frederickk et al - found the code issue with the jumping encoder. it has to do with when kudzu crumble and delete themselves. this will be fixed in v1.1.12. until then beware the kudzu.

EDIT: in the interim, if you find this is still happening without kudzu please let me know

@vicimity what midi controller are you using? i assume it is setup via system > devices. are you plugging it in and unplugging it while arcologies is running?


thanks for the update! i never trusted the kudzu anyway…

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@tyleretters While you’re taking the kudzu, can you make it so that accidentally spawning one while selecting doesn’t create an immortal kudzu that cannot be killed? Those things have been plaguing me. Or is that by design?

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yes. this is also resolved. the kudzu have certainly lived up to their name. i also found yet another bug in which they invaded the crop dusting ornithopters and caused targeting systems to fail.

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It is the “Bleached DIY controller” which has its own thread here on the forum. When Norns freeze and I unplug the controller it unfreezes and goes back to normal functionality.

now you will need to add Spice mining and Shai-hulud attacks!


m:all_off() sends note off messages to all notes on all midi devices on all channels. it shouldn’t cause anything to freeze up. i’ve tested with a beatstep pro and i cannot reproduce the issue.

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