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Yeah I’m thinking now this has to do with my controller. A workaround is to comment out connection of the controller in midi.lua. Thx for testing!

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yeah! just curious - does the controller work with arcologies otherwise?

I did a quick test. Mapped a knob to crypt directory, pressed play and could succesfully change directory while the scrtipt is running. As soon as i press pause the script (or Norns) freezes up. When i disconnect the controller it sounds like it “catches up”. After disconnectiong and re-connecting the mapping of crypt directory still works.

Edit: Now when i try to put Norns to sleep it is stuck. Grid lights are on and the screen just states “sleep”. Disconnecting the controller seems to do the trick (again). I will try to re-solder the controller and see if that helps. And maybe continue this report in the bleached topic. It’s bounced back and forth.

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ok! let me know if i can support you with code changes. i want maximum interoperability with the ecosystem. feel free to dm me too!

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  • NEW Fracture structure… a hypothetical traveller from another universe — presumably an older, more broken one — entering our own.
  • CHANGE Vales can now send MIDI.
  • FIX Cell designer menu jumping bug of doom has been isolated and fixed. It was the kudzu’s fault.
  • FIX Cropdusting was partially failing - kudzu was actually growing in the ornithopters targeting systems.
  • FIX Cells only mutate into structures when the popup goes away. Previously they would mutate while selecting leading to ports being toggled (in the case of raves and windfarms, for example) or immortal kudzu spawning.
  • CHANGE Remove superfluous midi:disconnect() calls to help with DIY gear.
  • DEV Stubby glyphs display properly.

@tyleretters - I’m loving arcologies.

just updated to v.1.1.12 - have you intentionally taken away the ability to select the midi device and channel from the uxb and casino structures - am I missing something?

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  • FIX regression issue where MIDI Channel and Device was not appearing for uxbs and casinos.

@joseph_knecht total accident! thanks for pointing that out. fix is up.


thanks for the quick fix tyler :smiley:

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more playing around yesterday

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So I was thinking it might be nice to have a real time, more visual / beautiful display of my arcologies state. If there was an approachable way to get the state in realtime, written to a file or socket, etc, i could spin up a webserver in my norns and open a websocket to a little web app on my imac that would show an enriched display - perhaps for performance or similar, or even just to understand better what’s going on.

Is this something you’ve considered? I haven’t looked at the code in detail yet but I’m pretty sure if there was a nice hook on state update it would be a very approachable project.

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@ESC this is awesome! i added it to the gallery.

@thedaniel the mapper would definitely be the place to start. we could throw the save_map function in a loop that updates ever generation % n. then wire that up with the existing mapper js code! this would be really fun and i’d love to help.

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lovely! i am quite busy with work but i have a day off later in the week so I’ll update here when i have some time to tinker!

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Is the fastest note value for a given bpm 1/4? I have a hive with metabolism 16 and it seems to be firing quarter notes.
I’m using internal sync. The video below is at 300bpm with lots of metabolism 16 cells.


correct. arcologies uses clock.sync(1) in counters.lua

you can experiment with changing this to say, .25 or rely on outboard gear to get down to (and make noise with) eight, sixteenth, etc. notes.

rambling history and philosophy...

back in the day - three months ago - i made the design decision that all signals/bangs would move at the same speed. i wanted all signals to be equal - no fast ones and slow ones etc.

since they all moved at the same speed, it got rid of the problem of note sizes as you could simply increase the bpm and then use things like solariums and gates to slow down if a metabolism of 1 wasn’t enough.

when arcologies came out, mlogger immediately changed the max bpm value from 240 to 480 because he wanted faster notes. i thought this was rad and put it back into arcologies.

then just a couple weeks ago i took out my arbitrary bpm attribute and implemented the internal norns clock.

the internal norns clock maxes out at 300.

while i could introduce a parameter that allows the user to control the clock.sync() value, this would require some more work for me to be happy with it. i’ll add this to the backlog.

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Thanks for the explanation, and for the script overall. It’s incredible.

I ended up confused as the docs for Metabolism mention 16th notes, but when set at 16 it’s sending quarter notes instead. I’ll give clock.sync(0.25) a try.

Would the smallest unit still be quarter notes if using external sync, without changing clock.sync()?

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you’re welcome! glad you’re exploring it :slight_smile:

ahh, good catch with the docs. i wrote that back when things worked differently. updated.

yes, the smallest unit would still be quarter notes if using external sync… i think. arcologies is intentionally abstracted away from our traditional concepts of music a bit so my thinking around all this is a bit cloudy.


Fwiw, if you removed bpm and discussions of note divisions altogether, and just had a more abstract speed setting (that went a lot higher) I’d be down :smiley:

Would make external sync trickier, of course.

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yeah it’s a delicate balance. i imagine some people are already frustrated with how abstract it is. trying to thread that needle between intuitive and interesting… abstract and approachable… thanks for giving me a new feature to ponder.

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@tyleretters whacked out a super simple POC just to orient myself with the various repos:

ideally i’d love to get something with the full map state including signals etc but hey, if we package the basic mapper server nicely you could even ship this “connect websocket” link to the live docs site (i think, unless we run into secure origin socket conection problems)

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its aliiiiveeeeeeeee!!! adding in signals will be trivial. i can update the mapper to support those tonight :slight_smile:

how is it working? a poll on a timer or ?