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@AnoikisNomads thank you so much for putting the time and thought into the script and these solutions. i am traveling right now so my ability to sink into this is limited for the next couple weeks. when i get a few free moments (hopefully tuesday) i’ll circle back with a thoughtful response.

(couple observations, not answers)

it kinda looks like the on/offs are inverted? then the double ‘off’ can maybe be explained by the modulo 16.

i am not familiar with arcologies internals but i do see an er_mixin which uses norns’s builtin er module pretty directly.

that module uses the “bucket method”:

and it does work at least the way i would expect:
(output from maiden REPL):

er = require ('er')
tab.print(er.gen(3, 5))
1	true
2	false
3	true
4	false
5	true

i’m almost certain this is because of all the drawing calls. in present architecture, rendering takes up time on main thread…

@tyleretters no worries, enjoy your travels. I’ve sent a pull request regarding the Topiary bug.

@zebra aaaah, thank you, so that’s what “er” is - makes sens in hindsight. Thanks, this is useful :). I don’t think it’s a simple inversion - with more pulses I indeed do get more pulses from a Dome. But this is a start, I now know where to put my attention :slight_smile:

Re: clock: I take from this that it isn’t my setup. That’s good in a way, so thanks again

@tyleretters I found out why the euclidean rhythms are wrong. You’re using fn.cycle() to return an index of self.er, but since fn.cycle() sometimes returns zero, you’re returning nil instead of whatever the correct euclidean sequence would be since the array index starts at 1 and you’re returning out-of-bounds.

There’s an alternative way to calculate the correct offset of self.er without using fn.cycle(). I don’t want to send you a pull request since fn.cycle() is not fixed and you will have similar issues elsewhere. But do see my change on my local branch and let me know what you make of it. The change starts at line 234

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re: arcologies philosophy


the mushroom at the end of the world, indeed:

Kengo Matsuo, chief manager of successful bidder Kinmata, commented, “The mushrooms are top quality with an excellent aroma. Though the circumstances are harsh amid the coronavirus pandemic, we hope to invigorate Tamba Sasayama’s fall.” He said that the mushrooms will be served for his inn’s guests and others.


in arcologies news i want to acknowledge @AnoikisNomads for stepping up and graciously offering their time to help squash a bunch of bugs. we’ve got several fixed so far and will have a new version out in a couple weeks. you can see our progress on the trello board: Trello


Yep, I made the same mistake. D’oh!
I foolishly assumed it would be like @dan_derks Cheat Codes workshop; incredibly clear, step by step instructions on how to get started but halfway through the first video my brain exploded.
@tyleretters Is there a video tutorial aimed at clueless goons like me who find the monome ecosystem very inspiring but at the same time completely overwhelming? I look forward to exploring arcologies!

yes indeed! arcologies — preview - YouTube

“the launch stream” and “fundamental structures” videos in this playlist.


Great! Thanks so much. So will I find instructions in one of these vids regarding assigning the information (apologies if that’s the incorrect terminology) from arcologies to my own samples, or external gear?

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you’ll have the first steps, yes. if you’d still like some guidance just ask here.

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New to Norns and I’m not even running Arcologies yet because I’m still waiting to find a decently priced grid so apologies if this is a dumb question or its been covered before. Arcologies Apologies.

Anyway- can I get polyphony, in eurorack, by using Uxb (and Casino I suppose) to send notes to my rack through a midi to cv interface such as the Polyend Poly2? The documentation for Uxb’s says it send a single note but can that single note be distributed over multiple voices either playing simultaneously or consecutively? Would I need multiple instances of Uxb perhaps? How would that even be sorted out if they’re all going to the same module?

Perhaps the best answer for eurorack polyphony is using Spomenik/Auton to send a note to Just Friends, which is fine but I’m just wondering what my options are here.


Yes, you can do polyphony. Uxbs/casinos have each a setting for device and channel. The device is your midi interface and it is limited by how many midi devices you can connect to norns. With a usb hub probably enough… The channel corresponds to how many channels your midi device has. The signal will then be send from the uxb to that channel. The script and the cable, limit the number of channels to 16.

As an example, I set my niftycase, which has two midi channels, as a device. I can have two different signals at the same time and need two uxbs on the grid, set to the same device (niftycase) but different channels (1&2).

If I am not mistaken your polyend poly2 has 12 (16?) cv outs, so by placing enough instances of uxbs you can create this many midi notes to your eurorack.

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Excellent. Thank you! This is both good and bad news as I now need to find room in my rack. Thanks again.

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HAHAH!! no apologies here @b_a_d_fruit ! until you procure a grid i know some folks have had success with other devices/screens. and yes, @riueru is correct. thank you for the detailed response, @riueru :slight_smile:

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Just to say I can confirm that arcologies runs well with 2x Launchpad Minis Mk 3 and midigrid.


@DoS I was thinking about that. I was even considering waiting until the Oxi One becomes available and hoping someone figures out how to support the grid that piece of gear has but ultimately I decided I want to go for the real thing.

Honestly, the more I think about it I kind of want to give Monome my support so I’ll wait for the next run to become available.


This is an admirable approach - and I will do the same at that future point when I am able to do so - there’s something so satisfyingly correct about the real thing. The good thing about Launchpads is that they are pretty useful for other devices that are USB midi hosts too (in my case an Axoloti).


Perhaps an issue coming from the new Norns update. Whenever I press k2 to toggle off playback, my entire Norns shield becomes unresponsive. Only thing helping is a hard reboot. Does anyone else have the same issue?

Edit: plugging and unpluggig, I have narrowed the issue down to the entire program freezing upon untoggle playback when my bleached is connected. Unpluggig resolves the freeze. I have not had my bleached connected while using arcologies before, so unsure if it is an existing issue.

Ed2: I notice some programs have a hard time loading as well (but quicker when bleached is disconnected), so maybe it is a general issue.

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As I’m learning the intricacies of Arcologies, I thought it would be helpful to get myself some reference cards printed for each structure. Here’s a mockup:

I ordered a prototype deck from a company that specializes in trading cards, and I’ll gladly share the result if anyone else would like to have their own deck.

Cheers for this awesome tool @tyleretters. I will not be selling these cards or distributing them anywhere else outside this group. PDF for download: https://www.jottacloud.com/s/208acc890031c3841f79fe5de7e611c21f9


So, I guessed a bit more about the issue in the bleached thread including maiden output. Might be some kind of midi device issue within Arcologies?

Edit: Issue resolved! Turns out it was a midi buffer case in the bleached firmware.