Arduinome + Arduino UNO r3?

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I have a problem with my Arduinome:
I flashed my arduino UNO r3 with Flip. I uploaded the arduino-usbserial.hex file to the Arduino and then I tried to connect to SerialOsc on windows 7 (I think serialOsc does not work on windows), and didn’t connect. Then tried to connect to SerialPy-IO but not luck. Then I tried to connect to Arduinome Serial but the same.
A few days later I tried SerialOsc on Linux Ubuntu and sometimes it’s recognized and sometimes not.
I know that Arduino UNO does not have the FTDI chip, but: why is recognized on Linux sometimes?
I don’t know if it’s the UNO or I have flashed wrong the Arduino. I’m noob with this…
Can you help me?


i think you need a arduinome-specific version of serialosc for the uno. the ftdi version of the arduino is probably more straightforward.

i’d suggest e-mailing owen, the arduinome isn’t actively being worked on here by the community these days

Ok so I think that Duemilanove should be great, but is there any thing I can do with the UNO for the Arduinome? (for example, something that makes ArduinomeSerial or SerialPy-IO recognizing Arduinome UNO on Windows 7 64 bit)

Expecting for answer!

Sorry for my english