Are all monome devices USB 1.1?

I’m looking at making a switcher for my monome devices (teletype, norns, anaible, arc, grid, usb keyboard)
Does anyone know if they are all USB 1.1 devices?

that is a list of some different things. two are modules which implement a USB host. two are USB devices using the FTDI serial-UART protocol. one is a standard HID keyboard not made by monome.

in all cases, these are usb 2.0 devices. the 2.0 standard is fully backwards compatible with 1.1.

but maybe you are wondering if the connection created between a monome host module (e.g. ansible) and a monome controller device (e.g. grid) uses USB 1.1’s “full speed” clock rate, or 2.0’s “high speed.” IIRC it is the latter. (we are sending 12MHz clock from PLL to host peripheral on the modules, and this determines the speed.)


Thanks @zebra, that is exactly what I wanted to know, i.e. ‘the connection created between a Monome host module’
I’m just working out the hardware design for the PCB and wanted to make sure I get the protocol version used correct

Cool, great, well I would definitely just double check the USB lines on a scope/logic analyzer. From a code perspective the process of configuring the host stack is quite convoluted so I’d want to make sure it’s doing what we think it’s doing before designing anything around it.