Are the API docs edited or generated?

Is the HTML in generated (with LDoc mentioned in there) or just edited manually? I’ve updated the ParamSet documentation in docs/classes/, but based on the last commit in the same place, it looks like there were also changes to docs/modules/, changing the “Last Update” date.

If it’s generated how can I get setup to contribute to the docs, and if it’s manual do I only need to change “Last Update” of ParamSet in modules?

you mean?

that stuff is generated by LDoc, and is also hosted at

contribute by forking norns repo, editing the comments in e.g. norns/lua/core/paramset.lua, and submitting a PR.

to regenerate the docs, install ldoc and run it from norns/.

(PS. i edited your post b/c discourse turned a pseudo-url into a broken link. now it’s a working link.)

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apologies, i will regenerate the docs and get them online (this is an easily forgotten step)

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