Are there any fft spectral programs?

I know of max msp, metasynth, supercollider, all of them don’t really compete with the options you have with CDP. But soundloom and soundshaper are really made for the PC, and they are a massive pain to use. Is there anything out there I haven’t listed? Max looks like fun but there isn’t much in the way of options for fit effects. Unless Im looking at it in the wrong way

What is CDP?

PaulStretch is based around the FFT / iFFT.
The plugins from Michael Norris:
iZotope Iris 2 uses spectral techniques.


Depending on your use case, for a fantastic tool that lets you view spectrograms and more in realtime baudline is great:

For offline and very deep analysis of sounds, sonic visualizer is fantastic:

And for editing sounds as component partials graphically, SPEAR is also still great:

By CDP do you mean the Composers Desktop Project? I’d love to see a thread about that – would be curious to hear your experience with it. I’ve studied the source code some but still haven’t gotten around to spending much time with it admittedly even though it was recently made free:

Also Max/MSP has plenty to offer in the frequency domain. You can patch at the lower levels with ifft and friends if I remember correctly, and the fftease externals by Eric Lyon and Chris Penrose are a great resource for a ton of useful and sometimes esoteric premade frequency domain effects.

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Spec Ops by Unfiltered Audio is exceptional for FFT-based effects:


all Trevor Wishart’s programming [if CDP is in fact composers desktop were converted to LADSPA and faust years ago they work in pd too


Csound has quite a few spectral opcodes, and has a whole section about them all in the manual:

Here is a list of some of the realtime spectral phase vocoder opcodes. Many of these were used in the iPad app CsSpectral, which I was a part of some years ago:

QuBit’s first module (the nebulae) was mostly built around mincer, an in-memory sample scrubber with independent control over pitch, amplitude, and position:

There’s also an implementation of PaulStretch. As far as I know, it is one of the few implementations that can perform operations realtime (I found the original FLTK version to be way too buggy):


Wait they were converted to FAUST/LADSPA? When? Where?

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I’d love to hear more about this too! I don’t see anything mentioned on his page about sound loom:

Glad I asked the question. CSound looks a bit daunting, Max is a lot of fun to play with. I can get around in Supercollider ok, But I wish max would have more in this way. Paired with jitter that would be fun.

Yes, I meant the Trevor Wishart programs.
I need an education on FAUST/LADSPA. Sounds like the ticket. Thanks everyone!

I believe the man who made paulstretch was making his own app for CDP, He did some stuff for reaper.
I tried the Renoise cdp tool but It doesn’t work anymore.

i made them
they work on linux 32bit pd for organelle

that whole page is about sound loom
You have to dl cdp and

then link the sound loom software to the proper folders in the cdp dir. Thats the easy part

Is the source publicly available somewhere? I’d love to check them out!

I’ve also implemented a few of Wishart’s ideas in my own system. I’ve worked mostly inspired from his books, but have poked around his implementations a bit eagerly when the source became available more recently.

Are yours ports from CDP/sound loom? Very curious!

Also FWIW, anyone reading interested in other tools inspired by Wishart’s work, there is a cool chapter in the supercollider book on microsound by Alberto de Campo who has brought some of Wishart’s ideas into SuperCollider.

Thanks! Yes I’ve installed it, played with it a bit, dug into the linux source code, etc but I really need to spend more time with it… I get inspired by stuff like this and want to switch back to building my own tools too easily maybe though. :slight_smile:

It’s open source. By all means.

I use the free VST DtBlkFx in nearly everything I do. It does most FFT effects you can think of.


For some reason, I enjoy the clunkiness of CDP. It’s a pain in the ass to use, it doesn’t run very well, I can’t make instruments without it crashing or giving me errors and I can’t for the life of me compose in it. But I will happily sit there for hours trying out different processes. It’s extremely rewarding.

Some time ago there was a guy named Xenakios on the Reaper forums who was in the process of making a CDP front-end for Reaper, but he only got around to a few processes as far as I know and then didn’t make any more progress. I think the workload was just too daunting. Understandable. But it would have absolutely fantastic.

iirc plogue bidule is pretty great in this domain as well

Xenakios is making his own app called λ that uses cdp, but who knows when we’ll see it. If soundshaper was a Mac app Id probably put up with it