Are you playing live in London?

Hello! I’ve been a bedroom producer for 12 years but I’ve recently bit the bullet and started to play some live shows in London - I’m going to be really honest here - I’ve only played open mic nights and one full gig.

I was hoping to get in contact with other London based electronic acts who are just starting out - with the hope that we could perhaps play some gigs together or put some nights on (I’m getting tired of being the only electronic act). This is me playing an open mic and illustrates pretty well how new I am to this! Because I’m small I can only carry Push, my laptop and my stand so I’m a little limited with how much equipment I can use - but I seem to be able to make a large enough sound.


Nice track! I don’t know much about the London scene, but I know that feeling of being ‘the electronic act’ amongst a bunch of indie bands, or similar. I’m in Brighton and we have a number of really good electronic nights which aren’t too far from London.

Open Sound Collective (which I’m involved with), which puts on a speaker on a different topic each month, and a live performance.

BEEP : Local electronic music

Spirit of Gravity - Brighton’s longest running electronic music night (link doesn’t appear to be working)

If you do find any good London nights, please post up about them!

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Wow thank you, Brighton is a beautiful place; I would definitely be up for travelling down for one of these events. I’ll have a look at the links now :slight_smile:


Nice track. There’s definitely a shortage of electronic acts at open mic nights, hopefully that’s starting to change. I’m sure there are more electronic friendly happenings around though, I think there’s a regular thing in Peckham and something in Hackney. I’ll ask my more informed friends and get back.

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I’d really appreciate that thank you

Get in touch with the London Music Hackspace people: - also Georgina at Tuesdays Post .

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I’ll have a look now - thank you! : )

have a look at new river studios in North London
They have three good nights of electronic music:

Experimental electronics
Open Jack
Musica Dispersa

I am based there and if you like to get in touch just write to me
I am not just starting, I have actually stopped for about 5 years to play live, but I am up to come back to it.

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You might want to investigate Sonic Imperfections in South London.

Sorry to resurrect an old old thread but I would be interested to know if there are any more modular synth / experimental nights going on in London these days - particular of the modular synth performance variety. The links already posted on this page still appear to be going, which is great, and of course I’m aware of Cafe Oto and Baba Yaga’s Hut shows.

Good call. All for having a London thread on the go. Looking forward to be seeing Zoviet France at cafe oto in a few weeks- and maybe vibracathedral Orchestra in March.


Yep, London thread a good idea I reckon.

There’s a CV Freqs modular meet on at iklectik in Lambeth North/Waterloo on Feb 17th. Scanner is playing there some time in February too, but I forget exactly when.

Would +1 on Sonic Imperfections, although The Montague Arms is apparently closing down, so don’t know where they will host things in future.

I play fairly often too. Not modular at the moment, but working towards that. I have a duo with Phil Durrant in which he plays modular and object stuff. My main rig right now is a Raspberry Pi and some feedback.

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I’m playing at the 17th Feb CV Freqs :smiley: But I’m pretty new here and I think the thread is a great idea :slight_smile:

I think they would be up for other people to play as well, might be worth talking with the orga there.

Oh, nice. (20 characters)

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good to know, cheers! I’m not sure if I’m in London that weekend yet but might pop down for a butchers if I am.

A bit of self promotion…
A’mas @Total Refreshment Centre in Stoke Newington (Dalston)

Next one is tomorrow

We have Eden Frey from Cvfreq performing as well.
This is the main page if you would like to keep updated with future events

Hit me up for more info


Sounds really nice. I live just around the corner so will try to pop by tmrw.

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Seeing Russell Haswell at Cafe Oto tonight with a couple of synth-y supports (diagonal records centric). Should be fun!

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A bandmate of mine is starting a weekly experimental music night at called Setpiece SET Dalston, a new venue on Dalston Lane. Arcadio (the band in question) play 22nd Feb, then monthly thereafter. I’m playing a lo-fi/drone/digital residue modular solo on April 5th.

Edit! Also playing in Brighton on 25th Feb with Phil Durrant at Splitting the Atom. Just noticed that someone called Burial is also playing…


If anyone is around tonight, I’m playing a solo modular set at Setpiece #4 in Dalston. 27a Dalston Lane. Very close to Dalston Junction overground and Cafe Oto.

Here’s a quickfire preview: