Are you playing live in London?


What time(ish) are you on @philmaguire?


I would guess around 10. There’s one other act (I’m on second), and it starts around 8.30-9


Great gig! Would recommend any locals to get by any Thursday, Set Piece is a really nice event.


cool! thanks for coming down :slight_smile:


Hey London folk. I’m playing a last minute show at Iklectik in Lambeth tonight on the off chance anyone is keen :slight_smile:


I wanted to go to see Howlround, but sadly family, energy you know the drill. hope it was a good night for all.


It was a really nice night thanks. Definitely try and catch Howlround if you can - watching him manipulate his 4 tape machines is just awesome!


First post here! I’m an artist based in Brighton, been playing live occasionally for about a year now and looking to play more out-of-town gigs so this is a really useful thread. My style is drone/ambient with folk influences. Since I’ve added loads of nights posted here to my list of people to contact I thought I’d repay the favour and fly the Brighton flag - these are some of the regular nights which may be of interest to people here looking for shows:

Ceremonial Laptop - a bunch of supreme cool guys who put on a few shows a month very loosely under the ‘electronic’/‘experimental’ umbrellas - they’ve put on everything from standard hardware techno stuff to modular drone to someone singing folk songs through Max/MSP patches…

The Spirit Of Gravity - They’ve already been mentioned here I think but still going strong. First Thursday of the month normally at the Green Door Store which has an awesome PA

Splitting The Atom - Run by Club Zygotic, a monthly experimental all-dayer also at the Green Door

Brighton Modular Sessions - A new night specialising in modular


hello! +1 for Splitting the Atom, played there in Feb and it was a fun time :smiley:


Hi there. I’m also based in Brighton (Hove to be precise) & making ambient on a small modular set-up. Please drop me a PM if you’re up for some collaboration, as I wasn’t aware (other than the modular meet) of much going on in this direction here.


The next Brighton Modular Session is on the 3rd of May if it’s of any interest to you, it’s at Cafe Plenty at Preston Circus.


I’m playing 19th May 5pm at M’s Place (North Finchley). Free entry :slight_smile:


On 16th June I’m performing a new piece I’m writing with Anne la Berge at Hundred Years Gallery. Steph Horak is also performing. It’ll be a good one!


Hey. I live down the road from there; wasn’t aware it was a venue.

Will try hard to show my face.


Not really a venue, it’s a cafe :slight_smile: But it’s part of the North Finchley festival. Looks like I’m the only electronic show booked for it, will be interesting :smiley:


Looking forward to playing at this event with David Velez and Kate Carr:


Doing a quick and very informal set at a friend’s houseboat community down on at Tower Bridge Moorings on Sunday night. It’s not an official “event”, so I won’t post details here but dm me if you’re keen to come down and I’ll get more info to you. Other acts on the bill: skeltr, Lucie Treacher and some others as well.


programming algorithmic beats tomorrow at the Glove that Fits!


I’m playing this show next week in London if anyone might be interested, that combines electronics with live orchestra. It should rather a fun adventure indeed. It’s also being recorded by BBC Radio 3 for broadcast so you can tune in later on if you wish too :slight_smile:

I’ll be using modular synths, laptop and some effects live with the BBC Concert Orchestra. And you’ll get to also enjoy a blasting version of Mike Oldfield’s classic Tubular Bells too, with some of the original players featured!


and Steve Hillage! (in 20 characters)