Are you playing live in London?


Yes. I’m so looking forward to seeing him at the weekend at rehearsals as I’ve not seen him in years now and he’s a lovely soul indeed!


Tonight I’m playing a duo with Anne La Berge at Hundred Years Gallery (Hoxton). Do come :slight_smile:

Steph Horak is also performing a solo set.


I’ve been really out of it recently… But ha, what’s this? I got called to play a gig out of the blue!

This Thursday at The Birds Pub 692 High Rd Leytonstone.
7.30 - 8.00 pm
8.45 - 9.00 pm

be warned, music probably won’t be experimental or necessarily in-keeping with most of the rest of lines… Think the rest of the band is on what I would call ‘american music’ side of things, but I haven’t met them yet! I will present a smattering of r&b/rockabilly standards thinly disguised as bluegrass and strum some rhythm for the rest.


Cementimental X Nnja Riot special collaboration (not the same thing as our usual Isn’tses project) at Skronkfest, New River Studios 4th Aug:


And on Aug 11 NOISE SHED, our annual sideshow at the Cosmic Carnage alldayer, windmill brixton:

This year we have experimental live performances from:

Legion of Swine
Pinealis Glandula
Lia Mice
James Shearman
Nnja Riot

Noise Culture is an anthropological investigation of our present times; through the orchestration of noises heard by the common man and the multi-coloured visuals of digital society, it immerses the listening viewer in the multi-sensory pool of the information age, a mirror to our chaotic culture, taken by every angle and all its fascinating details. - Christian Duka

Shed stage runs from 4-8pm but there’s a great lineup of doom/psych/grind on the main stage inside till late!
arrive early for free BBQ inc. vegetarian options

This is part of Smash it Out all dayer:


Not playing live, but my MA Computational Arts degree show opens this Thursday at Goldsmiths. I’m showing a kinetic sculpture which involves a piece of steel being corroded by water from the Thames, controlled by the tide level in real-time, alongside a supercollider-based sound piece made up of field recordings from around where I live in Deptford. There are also live AV performances in a near 360 degree projection space, as well as all manner of crazy creative tech pieces.

Show’s open Friday to Sunday as well, so pm me if you’re coming at a time outside the preview and I can show you around, if you’re interested in hearing a bit more about the works/the course.

More info at:


Playing in Deptford this sat :smiley: as half of PAGE & DRAGE (raxil4 x Cementimental noise collab)


A bit late for this one, but if you’re around Cafe Oto this afternoon (2pm), I’m playing a trio with David Bloor and Steph Horak:


I live around the corner and use a studio below OTO. Sadly I’m busy today but keep me posted on your next gig there


I’m not London based myself but a lovely chap who runs electronic music open mike nights around the place has been involved in setting one up in London.

Happens fairly regularly at the Troubadour if anyone’s up for performing - just drop them a line!


TONIGHT!, electronic/noise/circuitbending in Hackney:

Dissolving Boundaries
19:00 - 23:59
The Glove That Fits
179 Morning Lane, E96LH London, United Kingdom

A night of unbound experimental electronic music, performance & other ideas…

Isn’tses //

Psychiceyeclix //

DJ Tendraw

Bioni Samp —

Steph Horak

Scrabulous Anomaly

£5 on the door


On Sunday the 14th of October, I will play here together with a bunch of others on a custom designed surround system

Please join us


I’m supporting Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation at the St Pancras Old Church tomorrow Friday. It’s a sold out show, but if you’ve got a ticket - I’m turning on my modular and synths at 8pm.


Opening Dronica Festival tomorrow night in Stoke Newington. Glitchy modular popcorn


Just posted next session of A’mas on the 11th of November

And tickets are released!


Isn’tses live @ I K L E K T I K this weds!!


Next A’mas is on the 16th of December


I (Tomas Nordmark) will together with french artist Pascal Savy premiere our project “Memories of Lost Futures” this Saturday at IKLECTIK (Waterloo, London). Calm, eerie, droney, cinematic music from lost futures (as inspired by the writings of writer Mark Fisher).


Hi Folks!

Garden variety long-time lurker, second-time poster here.

A friend of mine does a fairly low-key private gig series that draws a small but attentive audience, and on the hunt for someone doing ambient in the London area to join me for a gig.

Open to anything, but my set will be textural drone, mostly warm and somewhat noisy. If you are working on something complimentary and you are in the London area, would love to hear from you.



sent you a message :slight_smile: