Arranging One's Electronic Pieces for “Human” Performance

I got to thinking that it could be fun and edifying to arrange this electronic piece for chorus and acoustic instrument ensemble. I haven’t the means to approach this like my serious muso aquaintences would, but I’m not as interested in the actual ensemble as I am the re-interpretation of an unfinished, and unrecoverable, thing I did with the Serge a few years ago. I’ll simply mic up whatever’s at hand and multitrack myself.

It seems like a cool way to kickstart creative ideas, as long as you’re not dedicated to a single mode of production, ie synths, samplers, whatever. I have this sense that it will feel more “finished” when I’m done - not because I value the acoustic performance over the original modular one, but a project in a DAW’s actually possible to mix, EQ, render and repurpose. I get to decide when it’s finished, while a straight-to-stereo jam on SoundCloud seems pretty much done, whether I like it or not. But that’s just a sense. I haven’t finished a track in years.

Have any of you done this before? Re-arranged one of your electronic track for acoustic instrumentation and vocals/choir (or even virtually so, with samples, etc)? What did you get out of it? Was it just an exercise, or has it become a branch in the vine of processes?