Art installation with norns: Bergen, NO (Feb 17 - Mar 11)

My dear friend Sarah Gilbert and her collaborator Gabriel Kvendseth have an art installation in Bergen, Norway Friday, February 17 through Saturday, March 11 at Galleri Christinegaard:

I have been helping Sarah with her installation the past couple of months. It includes three Raspberry Pis that send note and parameter modification messages to a norns via OSC to control a slightly modified version of @andrew ’s orgnwrms script. Visitors will be able to interact with the norns via six MPR121 capacitive touch boards attached to the three Raspberries and embedded into sculptures Sarah will be constructing from materials found in the immediate vicinity of the gallery.

Here is an example of the basic technical setup in action:

(headphones recommended)

::also, I have a request for assistance::

If there is someone in the Bergen area with basic norns and/or Python knowledge who could help Sarah during and after installation, please let me know. I plan to help her with the bulk of the setup and troubleshooting remotely over video, but it would be great if there was someone local who could be available to potentially provide a very small amount of assistance when I am unavailable due to the time difference between Bergen and Portland.



yay!! so excited to see documentation of this in action! :herb::wavy_dash::notes:


Cool! I’m in Bergen, developer, musician and occasional Nornser, if you want to PM me some details I’ll do my best to help.



Thank you soooo much for your offer @terje. Details have been PM’ed!

@24Franks, I’ll definitely post images/videos as soon as I am able!



The installation is complete and the show is open through March 12 for those of you in the Bergen area.

Here is a short walkthrough of the piece: