Art of Post : Gallery show in Chelsea on Friday

The Art of Post is a bicoastal art show for and from members of the post-production community.
We at The Molecule are hosting a night to celebrate the art that happens after our shows are on air or in theaters. After all manners of television and film are wrapped and the post production doors are closed, many producers, colorists, editors and effects artists have their own personal wrap parties. Whether it’s to relax or blow off some steam from rigorous show schedules, the post community is full of painters, photographers, sculptors and even woodworkers.
There is life after Post. A creative life.

Heyo, there is an art show in Manhatten this Friday13th.

I’ll be showing one of my designer toys. I have no idea what else will be there (hopefully a variety of things). Check it out if you are in neighborhood on Friday.