Art (,the thread about)

So, how about a thread about art. Either art you make, or enjoy (though I would lean towards the former), or thoughts about it in general.

How many of you make art in some manner?
A lot of the stuff I do now I just consider ‘art’ in a general sense (videos, tutorials, and related stuff), but I’ll leave that out of this thread for now.

I’ll post a couple of ancient examples of when I used to do more photography.

A photo + darkroom manipulation stuff:

A portrait of a friend using a short-lived polaroid i-zone camera:


I have periods of photographic obsession. I’ll try to post some more generative and/or geometric art later.


Sometimes I like to do geometric things. I need to get back to it and do much more.

I’m fascinated by Anita Chowdry

And Andy Gilmore.

Sometimes I like to pick apart Islamic tiling and try to understand the underlying geometry. This is from the 19th century.

I’m in love with tessellation. This artwork is by designvagabond.

Lost the source to this one.

Bathsheba Grossman takes it to 3D.


I’ll mention that we have an Epson 7890 in the house, and can print on all manner of paper or canvas (we have a large selection to choose from). If you have artwork you need printed, please feel free to hit me up. I do it for the love of seeing others’ artwork up close and personal, not for money. It also keeps the printer from drying up.

Maximum dimensions are 2’ x 100’.


k.cain + b.crabtree 2004, a component of our show “on the aesthetics of documentation”

micro sculptures, stop motion 16mm film.


Some art by my partner:

When I talk to myself:


I just realized I am an asshole:


Holy shit that’s big!

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I just realized I’m an asshole is really really sweet

If you can think of a way to (artfully) use all that space, I’d be thrilled to print it.

Some experiments of mine… i hope you enjoy.


what’s happening here?

love the textures (especially the 1st)


I strayed briefly into “art” some time ago, when I was looking for a better way than the single photograph to tell a story.

These are all from Hebron, 2003.

Who doesn’t love a tank?

Fun with tyres.

A makhsoun - a mud barrier intended to make life difficult for civilians.

Stone thrower - throwing stones at a military bulldozer demolishing the Hebron market for no good reason.

Haven’t looked at these for years, don’t really know whether I think they’re any good tbh.


Yeah, some interesting stuff happening here.

I love these. Definitely getting the story across. Not an easy story to tell!

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great thread

i set visuals on the backburner last year to focus on audio…this might be the perfect excuse to dive back in

when i make some new prints + reels i’ll share them here


Cool thread!

I definitely have too much to share on here. Not sure where to begin, as I have always worked as an artist, who happens to use sound as one of the media.

But will definitely pop some things here.
Like for example this google shovel set I called “Search Party”



Or these three small paper objects I made, then photographed as tintypes:

called “Three Questions (for the West)”
The three questions are translations of these three questions that are written on the billboards placed inside Chinese labor camps:

which you are supposed to answer:

I am a criminal.
This is a labor camp.
I am here to be re-educated.

but to a Western eye/ear these same questions are basically the stuff of existential philosophies. Context is everything…


Pretty damn existential whether you’re Chinese or not I reckon.

When I was at Oxford, I got to know this visiting Chinese professor (mathematician) who had been re-educated during the cultural revolution. We went jogging together a few times. Anyway, he told me that, while re-education had been very harsh to accept at first, it had been an opportunity to know people from all levels of society he wouldn’t have known otherwise and in the end, it had been a positive experience for him. That always stuck in my mind.

I like your search party.


broke out my vcr and crt for testing