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Lovely work, thank you!

We are very fortunate in Santa Cruz county to have a very vibrant annual open studios program. It’s amazing to be able to visit artists in their studios and see their work in context. No dealers/brokers/curators/middlemen. Inspires me every year.


…¡Artists exploring/exploiting ideas of authenticity, 'los super elegantes


that sounds amazing

I’ve been slacking but will add a few names to this thread periodically
many are CA based or display work there


have to watch that when I’m home @abalone

i employ deception in my own work but i don’t imagine that you all see me as devious


cool, yes :slight_smile:
we’re not devious or deceptive
these issues of authenticity exist in daily life for everybody, not just artists
issues of perception, issues of communication…
marketing, commerce, capitalism all have their own relationship with authenticity
it’s cool we can talk about these ideas here

peace and thanks


incomprehensible cartoon break
featuring @Rodrigo


OMG you guys are so freakin adorable as cartoons. Do more do more!!!


you might get a kick out of this one I did of Rod playing his drums… (it’s old but it holds up)

AND Thanks! :smiley:


So perfect. I :heart: the score.


scramble scratch lightening penis! …that’s all improv is really.


would you happen to have a link to the series?


I googled



<3 these! They are SO good. I’ve been using watercolors more and more over the past few years and it takes so much restraint to just let the crisp colors be what they are. I have a tendency to overwork and it muddies everything! (note: must ask @rodrigo to bring me my watercolour kit from Manchester :wink: )



These are super @koam!


great art blog


Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get myself out of a bit of a rut by doing something new.

Big (for me) works + outside = scary


I know what you mean!
But there is also an exhilarating aspect that goes hand-in-hand with the vulnerability and risks involved. Which can be “addictive” :slight_smile:


this has touched me deeply

Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet: Contemporary Persians, features 27 contemporary works by 23 Iranian artists, on loan to the museum from Iranian business consultant and art collector Mohammed Afkhami. The show was a mammoth undertaking: it took curator Fereshteh Daftari two years to organize, and she spoke to many of the artists about how their works celebrate and challenge conceptions of the country.