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is this a good time to initiate a category - art? -it’s all art, really, yes? :slight_smile: harry gamboa jr. - “Let’s convert all the systems into poetry and visions.” Felipe Ehrenberg, Telegraphic Work, 1970.


Mind boggling…met this guy and his wife in the streets of DC while doing volunteer work yesterday. I asked why he was visiting from Colorado and he surprised me: said he was in town for an exhibition of his ceramic work. I then asked his name to search info online since i knew i’d miss the last day of the show due to prior engagements.

here’s what google reveals


eka . 2017



fotos of mom in the style of my friend cliff…a dual tribute to both of them


Clouds, water, sand, dunes



Penny Goring (one of my favorite artists) has just come out with this…“ebook”? I swear, everything she makes just floors me


“Adjacent to the House of the Future, there’s a dome for your outdoor living”




I haven’t been making things too often lately. I feel like I’m kind of in a rut. Here’s the last thing I did. Didn’t know if it should just go on the new releases thread but since it’s visual I hope you don’t mind I throw it up on here too:


How do folks get out of a rut? Would love to hear tactics.

I’m not creatively blocked, but I do seem challenged to manage time. There just isn’t enough of it.


The stuff I do is really simple:

  • Drink tea or coffee (because they’re stimulants, so this is 100% a chemical kick. Though I can only really rely on that for a few days before it stops having the intended effect.)

  • Drink a Coke. For a different reason: Coke means it’s fun time. So I can casually sneak up on making something.

  • warm showers when I feel anxioius or numb (to ‘reset’. So I can have up to 3 ‘days’ in my day.)

  • Don’t jump the gun. I need to feel like what I’m making isn’t hollow so if I only have one idea, or a flat version of that idea, I’ll wait until it becomes multi-dimensional. Or I’ll wait until I get other ideas to clump together with it. I get super bummed when I just make stupid things (it’s a particular kind of stupid…) so for me it’s better to sit on things to eliminate the chance of that rather than feel like a moron.

*And what I mean by rut here is that I used to get a lot more excited about ideas…and more often. Feeling like I’m not settled/stable at a place is fucking with that. Almost everything feels superficial…and then what? So what? That’s what.


I’m such a homebody. Feeling settled is super important to me. I feel ya.


@Angela @jasonw22
you are both great artists :slightly_smiling_face:
keep it goin’, if you can…


six versions/editions so far.

Soundcloud may be ending

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know

nice work! :grinning:


mike mandel at sfmoma :grinning:


“nuestros” . 2017




I think this is the most appropriate thread for this…

I illustrated a Halloween-themed piano book that the author put out yesterday. (warning: that link WILL take you to Amazon)

Here are a few of the illustrations (10 full page ones with a few more spread here and there):


This thread has a pretty narrow definition of art. I think what you really mean (with a few exceptions) is visual art or art with a focus on surface features (color, composition, etc). Could we expand it to other arts practices such as interactive art, robotic art, biological art, art and artificial life, environmental art, landscape art, social engaged art, etc. Or is that for a different thread?