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I haven’t been making things too often lately. I feel like I’m kind of in a rut. Here’s the last thing I did. Didn’t know if it should just go on the new releases thread but since it’s visual I hope you don’t mind I throw it up on here too:


How do folks get out of a rut? Would love to hear tactics.

I’m not creatively blocked, but I do seem challenged to manage time. There just isn’t enough of it.


The stuff I do is really simple:

  • Drink tea or coffee (because they’re stimulants, so this is 100% a chemical kick. Though I can only really rely on that for a few days before it stops having the intended effect.)

  • Drink a Coke. For a different reason: Coke means it’s fun time. So I can casually sneak up on making something.

  • warm showers when I feel anxioius or numb (to ‘reset’. So I can have up to 3 ‘days’ in my day.)

  • Don’t jump the gun. I need to feel like what I’m making isn’t hollow so if I only have one idea, or a flat version of that idea, I’ll wait until it becomes multi-dimensional. Or I’ll wait until I get other ideas to clump together with it. I get super bummed when I just make stupid things (it’s a particular kind of stupid…) so for me it’s better to sit on things to eliminate the chance of that rather than feel like a moron.

*And what I mean by rut here is that I used to get a lot more excited about ideas…and more often. Feeling like I’m not settled/stable at a place is fucking with that. Almost everything feels superficial…and then what? So what? That’s what.


I’m such a homebody. Feeling settled is super important to me. I feel ya.


@Angela @jasonw22
you are both great artists :slightly_smiling_face:
keep it goin’, if you can…


six versions/editions so far.

Soundcloud may be ending

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know

nice work! :grinning:


mike mandel at sfmoma :grinning:


“nuestros” . 2017



I think this is the most appropriate thread for this…

I illustrated a Halloween-themed piano book that the author put out yesterday. (warning: that link WILL take you to Amazon)

Here are a few of the illustrations (10 full page ones with a few more spread here and there):


This thread has a pretty narrow definition of art. I think what you really mean (with a few exceptions) is visual art or art with a focus on surface features (color, composition, etc). Could we expand it to other arts practices such as interactive art, robotic art, biological art, art and artificial life, environmental art, landscape art, social engaged art, etc. Or is that for a different thread?


You are right.
Everything you described is art.
This thread is as good as any to discuss it.


Yeah absolutely, would definitely love to see more stuff.


It’s not defined. People are just putting up stuff.


Great! One of my favorite pieces in recent memory is Plantas Autofotosintéticas by Gilberto Esparza. Basically, a hybrid organism powered by sewage.

I also really like CellF by Guy Ben-Ary. I think people here may get a kick out if this one. It’s a modular synth controlled by cultured neurons grown from the artist’s own undifferentiated stem cells.


I curate an exhibition called digiPlaySpace here in Toronto as part of the year round programming at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

It’s an exhibition of new media art (interactive installations, computer art, sound art, etc) aimed at a core audience of kids 3 - 13 years old. It’s meant to educate, but also to inspire kids to think about technology as a creative tool rather than just a consumption device.

We’re just in the midst of programming our seventh year of the show. If anyone has seen any amazing installations that might be appropriate I’d love to hear about them!

I think I mentioned this in the thread way back in February, but now that I’m back to work on the 2018 show, and new media came up in the discussion, it seemed like maybe a good time to bring it up again :slight_smile:

One of my favourite pieces from last year was Mimic by Design I/O. It’s an industrial robot arm that is trained to respond to the movement of visitors in much the way that an animal at a zoo would respond. It really feels like it is alive.


Webs and branches.


I made a comic book!
Here’s the schpleel from this page (where one could order one too…if one were so inclined)

"My new comic is ready to be held by your delicate reader hands. I didn’t give it a title, but we can misleadingly call it The Rodrigo Constanzo Story (we have to refer to it by something). He wrote the initial script 11 years ago and I’ve been picking at it since. But don’t worry–you won’t be able to tell it’s production spanned over a decade. It’s just as stupid as if I had banged it out in two weeks…but that delightful kind of stupid, ya know?

Q: Ok, so what’s it about?
A: It’s not about anything. It takes place in an office and there are three characters.

It’s A5 sized, laser printed on thick, really nice quality paper, and 32 black and white pages. The back cover is Rod’s spectacular jalapeño mac n’ cheese recipe, and it is in color."

*edited to add these pics : )


I watched this video last night. It does an amazing and very articulate job tracing the trajectory of computer graphics, looking at how we arrived where we are, declaring the uncanny valley conquered and contemplating what lies beyond it (and for me, most interestingly, adjacent – “the wilderness”).