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Somewhat related to “the wilderness” in the video above:



I did the design/artwork for a friends debut release on a cool Swedish label.





Donut Tread On Me


another of this guy…


Hi, i am publishing a small art zine called 99 percent invisible. (i recently change the name to Soul Traits)

If you would like to be part of the next issue or the ones to follow, please send me your work (photography, collage, illustration, creative writing and comic) at

Soul Traits offers an opportunity to be published in print, as well as online on the website and social media with future continuous support.


Artwork/illustrations by me, designed and done in close collaboration with Florian and Stefano. My first vinyl cover!

If you can call it a cover, as it’s practically a sleeve… but anyway, very excited and happy with the result. Pantone-printed pattern on half-transparent matte paper, very nice tactile surface. Sealed in japan packing.




Out now on Don’t DJ’s disk label. Here’s a snippet as well:

Edit: Added better photos. It popped up on hardwax - here’s a link:


I now have a whole new appreciation for the potential uses of mac and cheese. Thanks @Angela and @Rodrigo!


ha! make sure to use the hashtag #bradpittsdick when you post pictures :wink:



(authored and drawn by the same mind who brought you

@Angela #bradpittsdick


^^ WOW that’s beautiful (ordered!)



Wanted to share an artist that I’ve been following on Twitter for a while named Everest Pipkin.

They’re really prolific and have a diverse portfolio of stuff…to (probably badly) try to condense that, my understanding is that they are interested in combining technology (especially tech behaving incorrectly) with a lot of ornamental detail to create visual (and sometimes other forms of digital) work.

Some cool things:

plotter + hand ink drawings:

Using neural networks to simulate hypothetical Pokemon evolutions:


Awww, the Trees paypal link isn’t working for me right now. I will try again later.

Love Katie Pipkin’s work! Reminds me of a little plotter invention that came across my RSS reader recently that I’ve been pondering:


I take photographs from time to time, with a cheap film camera:

…and a few years ago, mashed photographs (digital) together with processed iPhone voice memos for my Masters:


Starting on a new project, now that I was given hundreds of pipes from a dismantled church organ…


That’s a great thing to be given.
Are you going to put sound through them?


I am thinking about all different ways of using these. Definitely will pump some air through… in various configurations. But also want to explore the sculptural side of the objects, so in the end they will likely become playable sound objects.


What came to mind for me was some kind of physical mechanism that involves rotation - a rotating striker wheel or concentric wheels, perhaps controlling the air or simply striking them. With different people controlling different parts? I got a kind-of exploratorium / science centre vibe from the pic.


Out of curiosity I just took a google image search gander at pipe organ compressors. Wow, they can be pretty large!


Really loved Xavi Bou’s series “Ornitogrphie”. And great to see the January’s National Geographic will cover his work.