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Awww, the Trees paypal link isn’t working for me right now. I will try again later.

Love Katie Pipkin’s work! Reminds me of a little plotter invention that came across my RSS reader recently that I’ve been pondering:


I take photographs from time to time, with a cheap film camera:

…and a few years ago, mashed photographs (digital) together with processed iPhone voice memos for my Masters:


Starting on a new project, now that I was given hundreds of pipes from a dismantled church organ…


That’s a great thing to be given.
Are you going to put sound through them?


I am thinking about all different ways of using these. Definitely will pump some air through… in various configurations. But also want to explore the sculptural side of the objects, so in the end they will likely become playable sound objects.


What came to mind for me was some kind of physical mechanism that involves rotation - a rotating striker wheel or concentric wheels, perhaps controlling the air or simply striking them. With different people controlling different parts? I got a kind-of exploratorium / science centre vibe from the pic.


Out of curiosity I just took a google image search gander at pipe organ compressors. Wow, they can be pretty large!


Really loved Xavi Bou’s series “Ornitogrphie”. And great to see the January’s National Geographic will cover his work.


so do we :wink:


Yeah, I am just beginning to work my way through these materials.

I think the powerful compressors deliver loudness, but these produce sounds even with gentle breath. My gut response to these was to make some pitch selections, and work with a group of performers on a live thing.

But also considering various small ways of generating a bit of air pressure. Like bike pump, or smaller rubber air pumps etc. I like thinking about how different ways of putting air through them translate into different sound properties (volume, or duration)…


Sounds so fun. I didn’t know they had so much dynamic range.


Lol, forgot to check. Slap on the wrist and no dessert tonight for me :joy:


it’s so beautiful and deep no one could blame you to share on an impulse


“Persistence.” 2017. Red ink and crow quill pen on 4" x 6" postcard paper.

The word “persistence” written repeatedly for the duration of 1998’s Time Machines album from Coil members Drew McDowall, John Balance, and Peter Christopherson.

Donated to Visual AIDS’ 20th Annual Postcards from the Edge benefit, January 19-21 at Gallery 524 in New York City.


I had to rush a birthday present for my mother in November. I like to dabble in lino printing, so I made her this arctic landscape of snow-covered trees.


Went to see the Basquiat show at the Barbican (London) Wednesday. I have no problems going to art centers and looking at nice paintings ( museum employee here after all ). Some great stuff in there, especially like the way he he forged his own visual language. Some irritating narratives about how he hung out with the rich and famous and the over venerating uncritical worship of everything he touched.

Some period emphemera somehow had equal footing with the art. So I bought the coffee mug souvenir on the way out.

anyone else seen it?


basquiat made some great art
in the presence of his paintings
it’s clear, there’s something else
-something coming off the wall
how’d he do that? :slightly_smiling_face:
ck him stand in for the dj in this video ~1:52




Nice! That third shot is killer.


Nadine has been drawing a lot more since she got an iPad Pro with a Pencil. This morning I took several of her drawings and printed the linework layer on some nice washi paper. Then we tried using some Winsor & Newton drawing inks as if they were watercolors. These inks want to be a bit too saturated for the delicate coloring of the cafe au lait dahlia. Anyway, just an experiment that will likely lead to further experiments…

Nadine has also set up a store with Red Bubble if you’d like stickers or shirts or iPhone cases or whatever with her art on it.

But mostly I just wanted to say “having some fun with paintbrushes”. :wink: