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Been playing with VR and Unity more recently…
Some dynamic / positional sound in this one.


Turned out very nicely imho. :ok_hand:


Played with paint yesterday, so much fun!


“Modular on the Spot” by Cézanne




Further experiments with water color


Spread from my last zine.


Falling hard into an inspiration hole after rediscovering Helen Mirra’s work. Certainly those of you who are of a minimalist persuation will appreciate her work and her take on “field recordings.”



hi all!

since januari i started a new project: rizoom. it’s an open and experimental platform for artists in the Netherlands. at this stage it mainly consists of an instagram account and a website

i’m happy with how things are going with rizoom at the moment. for the future i’m thinking about a rizoom podcast and maybe a physical space to showcase the artworks.

check it out if you’re interested!


[edit: link was broken]


The 2018 edition of the show I curate is now live! I think I posted last year’s show as well.

I’m really happy with how this one came together. The pieces really balance my ambition to blend work that is interesting for kids and work that is artistically and conceptually interesting in general.



Helen Levitt


Nice one! Voigt’s work makes my head hurt in a good way, like there’s a grand unified theory in there and the artist is the only one who can decipher it- and their theory is right, as well.
Also: bonus like for the link to But Does It Float, a site that’s been in my “EYE CANDY UPPER TIER” bookmarks folder for a very long time now, always amazing work to be seen there. In a similar vein, I highly recommend

On the subject of art/eye/braincandy, does anybody else miss


SO, SO GOOD. Like, 20 characters good.


Finished this poster for an upcoming show yesterday. Super excited, time to let it out into the world


Thanks so much for BDIF and for reminding me of 50 Watts! I used to follow it when it was Journey Round My Skull, which still sort of exists [very infrequently updated; probably superfluous content].

I remember when 50 Watts, Weimar, Mutant Sounds, and John Coulthart’s Feuilleton were all you needed… somehow I fell off… time to get back in the habit!


While looking through some old Facebook uploads this afternoon, I found a couple of @stephenvit pieces from a John Cage tribute show back in 2012.


what do you guys do in your free time when not composing epic modular jams? for me it’s analog photography (this seems to be a big one among modular peeps- would love to start a separate thread on the relationship between film and modular analog formats).

here’s some film ready for processing on top of my mighty case. any other film lovers on here? photographers? what kinds of other hobbies do you guys have?