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Another photographer here! Haven’t done much of it in the last couple of years though. I have a cheap film camera with an M42 50mm lens and I love the restriction of it. Need to get some more film and get back into it!


I made this in 2010:

Kinda proud of it, coz I really spent a lot of time obsessing over the soundtrack and small details like pacing and stuff like that.

It’s 18 minutes long, which seems like an eternity in today’s feed based world, but maybe if you feel like a bit of cosmic ambient you can put it on full screen on your TV in the background or something with a nice sound system (ie not a phone)

more info:

It was pretty nice as an install:



alison saar
la louver


Working on some new prints. Here’s one:




I just launched a small experiment called “Twenty Four Hour News Cycle”… I’m working on a series/ongoing research driven art project that explores different ways to experience time mediated through technology. This first small piece looks at the duration/ephemerality of news on modern platforms, namely Twitter.

Take a look here:

And read more about it here:


I’ve got this running on the second monitor at work right now. It’s fun watching all of the seconds go by in various languages and trying to read the English messages before they fade into the next second.


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A story about the inventor of album art.

In 1939, 22 year old Alexander Steinweiss proposed to Columbia to make a change in the presentation and packaging of the 78 RPM record albums.






From a Joshua Davis workshop at Anderson Ranch, 5 years ago.