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Study for three figures at the base of the internet…



fantastic artwork :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I agree! Every semester I teach a “foundation” class called “ideation and process”. Around the mid-semester we do what I call “Group Project Festival” for which each student develops an “event as artwork” piece with the main stipulation being that the rest of the group becomes the “material” for it. For many students it is a challenge to think of the situation they construct as a work itself, one of the difficulties being how to not be preoccupied with production of the precious art object. So there often is a tension between the “thing” that is made, vs. how it is made, or under what circumstances, in what context… Anyway, this particular event was a beautiful way to deal with that tension. An event that becomes the work, resonating in so many ways with a plethora of meanings. I love everything about it.


A tension that seems to exist in any work… but your strategy seems a wonderful way to awaken students to this insight, to get them to reflect on how all these “framing” contexts are already at work in their own processes… insights that will carry over to these processes in helping them become aware of these contexts, to question them and so on. Great stuff!


Thank you for the kind thoughts.
Totally agree: sometimes these layers of “framing” or context are very difficult to acknowledge at first. I think it happens for all students eventually. And in my opinion, this is one of the more profound, transformative moments, which can (and often does) change one’s understanding of their own voice, and more importantly, of their place in relation to others.
From there we can build empathy.



My wife is selling stickers and cards here now:


Some of my generative / feedback video experiments made using After Effects’ most esoteric (and now discontinued) feature ‘Time Blend FX’ - [LOUD audio]

Loses a lot with youtube compression alas, try to watch on maximum settings

Uploading a longer, more mind-melting one now :slight_smile:



Great stuff. Now feel totally retinafucked. Is the music generative in any way?The ‘zoom out’ structure reminded me of those an-electron-to-the-universe animations scientists types did in the 70’s/80’s. before Chaos was a thing.


Thanks :slight_smile: no the audio for that one is just misc Cementimental recordings, edited on afterwards: the video was originally silent, shown in different orders in 3 screens in an installation

I did experiment with generative stuff with AE’s extremely limited audio FX but it was too crashy, the techniques I used for the visuals are at the limit of what it can deal with since it’s so abominably inefficient with memory


So in digital art/design (not that showcased in the “art world” – but what people are just doing by themselves, independently) – there’s a certain take on the post-vapowave aesthetic that is becoming very dark, but also freeing itself from any 1980’s associations, and picking up very well on the spirit of 2018.

As I kind of miss the goth movement in its early days (joy division, bauhaus etc.) this almost seems like it could take its place.

I wonder if there’s a name for this stuff? Is there enough of it to count as a movement? any blogs? also, a more obvious question: know of any musicians working in this area?

main themes:

  • stark/minimal/geometric designs and color schemes, clean and unapologetically digital, always icy and cold
  • disappearance of the human: veiled figures, figures with glitched-out faces, very small figures confronting the “neon sublime”…

Anyway… some artists…

Aeforia (Alexy Prefontaine)







Giacomo Carmagnola




Their visual work definitely qualifies as part of this category. Their music must come out of those same ideas as they have a very considered aesthetic.


Yep, thanks!

xenogothic blog touches also on these general ideas… (thanks simon reynolds!)

also… Vanta