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ah wow thanks that reminded me of this book which i used to be obsessed with in the art room library at school!! :slight_smile:

plant show youtube channel

plant show channel

Update on “THEM” the Banner Project I continue working on since 2015.
The piece travelled to another city for the first time this year! It was installed at BAM in Washington for a week, and after printing more than 500ft was walked around the museum block. Here are a few images:

Also I have edited and uploaded a video documentation from the walkabout in Minneapolis:


And now I know how Joan of Arc felt
Now I know how Joan of Arc felt
As the flames rose to her roman nose
And her Walkman started to melt



some collage work I did for an exhibition in Chicago a few years ago. More of my artwork is on instagram if you fancy a perusal. @tomtebby


for those in Berlin.
I have a solo show at Mazzoli in Berlin running till end of August with sound and kinetic works.


I wish I was in Berlin this looks great. Do you have plans to show in the UK?

That looks pretty good, congrats.
It seems I won’t be in Berlin anytime soon, but wanted to say I’m happy you’re sharing this here.

edit : Also, good article by Marc Wellmann on the Mazzoli Gallery website.

Love your image, and The Smiths. Joan of Arc is the greatest character in Shakespeare’s Henry VI Part One :slight_smile:
All round win!!

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And now that it’s been about a month I don’t know if the context gets lost, but I drew this just after the Notre Dame fire. This is the statue of Joan of Arc that lives there. ; )

Glad you like it

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Crossposting to share a recent drawing I did for @Tyresta’s ongoing artist collab project:

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show is extended till 1. of September. I will give a sound performance on the 1. in the gallery. Maybe we do a drone night…

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Introduced my little girl to abstract painting today (using pieces of card as her brush). This is her first painting.

She really likes dark colours and has dubbed her style as “gloomy abstract”.

Had a go myself. Really enjoyed it, never painted just for fun before.


This. is. amazing…