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I often feel religion and art are interchangeable words for similar basic human drives towards some kind of shared understanding.
[/quote]This touches on why i find it increasingly difficult to talk about one without bringing up the other

There is plenty of overlap

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Don’t overthink it, it’s interesting - and kind of surprising…

And I owe you an answer. All in good time.


^That’s how i feel about these matters :slight_smile:

Nah, no worries(though i’m a bit confused how it got here, haha… i hope it wasn’t my previous comment, i was just commenting on how Bach based most of his musical life around churches and that religion was ‘therapeutic’ back in the day(mere semantics, not an actual relation i have in this day and age between art/therapy/religion)).


art & religion/spirituality have a long standing and deep seated relationship that most modern folk deliberately sidestep because…it makes them uncomfortable? they disagree with the motives of some parties or result of the relationship?

I dunno. There’s a lot of it that I have no interest in. Especially, on topic, western oil paintings and sculture of biblical accounts from the renaissance and the corresponding choral/symphonic compositions from the same period (often fronted by the same patrons).

Conversely folk/country/classical from a range of Islamic communities are some the closest to my heart despite my personal religious beliefs conflicting with what motivated the artists involved (yoruba apala, uyghur muqams, mindanaoan kulintang etc)


On a lighter note I found this page of dorky doodles by chip designers:


Ooh, that reminds me of all of Peter Blasser’s crazy circuit board art/stuff.

And an(other) animated gif I made a bit ago:

"Everything is gonna burn, we’ll all take turns, I’ll get mine too."


thanks… yeah, it’s all my work… the jigsaw narrative piece grew from cutting up ( more or less absentmindedly with a ruler… ) old intaglio prints that for various reasons weren’t useable, registration was out or they were early state proofs… etc… then it just kept growing until I was rifling through old folders to find more… I have a page of sorts, not really a site… over at d_A under pawwwprint … haven’t added to it in ages… they seem to archive… ( which as far as I can tell means delete ) images that are left dormant for too long… ( all fair enough ) -so it’s eroded a bit… curious to see if eventually the whole site sort of disappears into background noise eventually. at which time I might have finished the wordpress install I’ve been meaning to get to for about as long as that page has been left adrift. -or I could just add some new work to it.

apologies for the late reply.


Something I’ve been developing…(not the cleanest butttt…utt…)


family values


and here’s new klammklang logo made by my wife


love that piece
her, you or both?

i’ve been meaning to show you this one


nah… i’m not a painter. but we’re working on a new project together. curious if you’re on instagram btw (??)


used to be
but i closed the account last yr


. let me know if there’s a place where you share your photos because i like them a lot.


Just found these on an old disk. From my years in the hills.


Love Blasser’s work. The plumbutter would be worth having just for the circuit board art imo. A truly original mind.


A few images from an old street photography project, Bombay faces:

And that’s enough from me for the time being. Really must take some new pictures though :slight_smile:



love this series


find me who did this art for foodman new LP and you get a prize

reminicent of another instagram favorite


I’ve been working on this video for the past month…shooting started a bit before then, but thinking/editing/occupying the ‘primary attention slot’ for about a month. It’s in response to a piece that Mira (the violinist who I’ve done another video with in the past) is the living score for. Luke Nickel is the composer. He showed Mira [Benjamin] the pages to the score only once and they’ve now been destroyed. So this piece only lives on if/when Mira decides to ‘transmit’ it to people…usually performers…so they can realize the work. This video is my “performance” of the piece. I hope you guys like it.

Here’s a bit of text that Luke wrote about it:

[factory] is a proposal for collaborative performance action(s). This video features Mira Benjamin performing sections of her own realization of [factory].

[factory] began as a set of 22 texts written by Luke Nickel. These texts—or verbal scores—were linked by a geographical map, with each text representing an individual conceptual area or room. Luke and Mira Benjamin (the original performer) agreed upon a risky proposal: she would read the texts only once and then delete them, allowing the work to exist solely in her memory and inviting forgettings and linguistic permutations to infect the ephemeral score-object itself. Mira is now the living score for the work, voluntarily responsible for its transferral, transformation and translation.