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Old Panasonic radio at an airbnb from a recent Chicago visit.


Digital Leica eh - you scoundrel!


@strettara: It’s an “old” Digilux 2. Still my favorite camera of all time.






An image resurrected by PA Tremblay from one of my sketchbooks (which he plans on using for an upcoming release eeeeeeeeeeeee : ) )


This is beautiful stuff. I have taken it for my iPhone wallpaper; hope that’s ok!


recording flowers for the latest junto


Here’s my most recent installation, Primary Forms, and some stills of the animations it generates. Showed this at Day for Night around xmas but only just got around to documenting it properly.


So much talent in this forum.


Absolutely beautiful and fantastic work!!! Would you tell us a bit about the process/programming language/interactivity?


Thx! :slight_smile: The visuals are a piece I’ve been kicking around for a while – I was originally planning to shoot them as a music video synced to a track. They’re essentially a particle simulation built on layers of sine waves and simplex noise with plenty of random variables. The whole thing can turn up a lot of variation and there are certain ‘events’ that only happen every few hours on average.

I then got approached to show something at Day for Night and felt for that festival environment it’d be fun to take it there but add some interactivity whereby you can push the particles out of the way and generally mess around with the whole thing.

It runs as two custom apps built using openFrameworks – one machine runs tracking software that combines and analyses depth data from two Kinects, the other machine takes the tracking data and generates the visuals.

Here’s the tracking app in action:


finally got around to framing @kelli_cain’s wonderful postcard series. what a true joy to have more of the monome family around my apartment.


Came across this about a month ago
Thought it was the coolest thing!
I very much hope they make an audio release of the compositions because I would totally listen to it. Though seeing the performance in person would be the best way to experience it.
Excited to see what else this group does in the future.


just started making some 3D


max doodling


forgot them white whales…


Every now and then, I work with a small group of students for two weeks in the summer, in Minneapolis. I call these sessions Street Lab, because we work exclusively in public spaces, all day (9-5) every day, learning how to be an artist, on the spot, in the moment, engaging with the world. Close to chest, paper thin, light on foot. Learning to be creative, and respectful.
Here are a couple of images from this year’s session (from my Instagram feed:


This is beautiful and horrifying.


Seriously, if I recall it is the first piece in a three part performance based on human evolution, I am very interested to see what they do in their next installment and I hope it is as developed an idea as this one was.