Art (,the thread about)


Beautiful scenery and captures. Thanks for sharing!


I’m really digging that one in color–nice subtle tones.


It was gorgeous out there this weekend.

Thanks for the kind words everyone…might also post a few from a different trail we did back in june.


new art show -digital
photographs by evan hartzell
curated by jona frank
'summer fades
plz email it to anyone who you think is cool


Been following this thread a while now, really really great stuff on here.

Here are a few of mine from my travels around India. I was fascinated by the people who lived on the streets, poverty is pretty confronting.

Some others i was happy with

Bolivian kids(while travelling there)


water surface~~~



“The sky is no less than the world of light itself, to which we open ourselves up in vision. 'As I contemplate the blue of the sky’, Merleau-Ponty insists, I am not set over against it as an acosmic subject …’ (1962:214). To see the sky is to be the sky, since the sky is luminosity and the visual perception of the sky is an experience of light.” (Tim Ingold, Being Alive, 2011, p129)


untitled series. for @zebra



GAS in the art thread?! Apologies for the sacrilege.


recognized ilana kohn’s illustration on a recent huffpost article
check her paintings and textile work…it’s all topnotch



found tucked away in an old notebook
. saia preta

this ink scrape is probably the best thing i’ve ever made

6-7 yrs ago while attempting to create an album cover (none of my music was worthy of this) used a putty knife with mixtures of sumi ink and mill ground dutch pigment


The Eastbound Ohio Turnpike, Winter 2006


this guy is good


Genieve Figgis: