Art (,the thread about)


found tucked away in an old notebook
. saia preta

this ink scrape is probably the best thing i’ve ever made

6-7 yrs ago while attempting to create an album cover (none of my music was worthy of this) used a putty knife with mixtures of sumi ink and mill ground dutch pigment


The Eastbound Ohio Turnpike, Winter 2006


this guy is good


Genieve Figgis:






i love it…great take @abalone


Don’t know if this is art yet :wink: but some years ago we made this light fixture out of 6 lightbulb splitters. Due to it’s arborescent structure, I fondly refer to it as the “tree of light” :smile:


messing around with noise in processing this afternoon


Might’ve missed these mentioned, but holy cow, enjoying: and eapecially


Came across this artist (Daniel Crooks). These two videos are quite beautiful:

(edit : ugh, tacky enough that each video has a “screener only” type opening, but not allowing embeds either?!.. in poor taste…)



container compositions I & II



That’s very extreem to make kitchen music!


Psirkle Two - 3rd of 3


Mmm, I love the geometry and rhythm in that one.

Samurai the llama


I’ve enjoyed the process of building twitter bots:


recognize you
(Ink drawing. And then treatment inspired by The Flame Alphabet.)