Artificial Intelligence in Music

We believe responsible innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. We’ve been working with musicians like Dan Deacon and hosting workshops to see how this technology can empower the creative process. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at a sound artist, a Google Arts & Culture Artist in Residence, and a Google researcher exploring the possibilities of MusicLM.


looks like the prompt was written with chat-gpt. “innovation” “working with” “empower” “creative process” “possibilities”. similar prose hath been written about insurance companies, too…


I think it’s more that’s just what a standard flack release reads like. It’s a genuine skill.


Having a go at MusicLM, whatever prompt I put in, it basically puts out either ‘drunk callcenter hold music’ or ‘took the wrong drugs at the brostep festival’

Anything ‘bad’ seems to be censored (eg it won’t do Death Metal but will do heavy or black metal) as is any band name or artist name

If you emphasise vocals it mostly seems to ignore that or put some really faint vocal-ish sounds in the distance as if the centre of the stereo has been cancelled out

it doesn’t seem to want to make anything repetitive, most things seem to turn into some complicated free jazz or something half way thru

ok i accidentally made it do some kind of Squarepusher or that clowns in a portaloo thing that went viral

edit - It can’t sit still at all. You can fill the prompt with stuff about it being minimal and continuous and it still goes on some jazz odyssey

here’s “A single continous C note played on a single violin. Minimal, monophonic, fixed, unchanging, boring, repetitive.”

“4/4 kick drum with nothing else” :-/


“The music which MusicLM would be able to generate if ‘Death Metal’ was not blocked”


Ok this made my night :joy: :person_facepalming:


this is the exactly appropriate soundtrack for the supposed utopia heralded by this technology


I mean, it seems to be able to accurately reproduce the response of a real drummer


Thanks @Cementimental that post made my morning

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thought “turntablist black metal” might be good but it just sounds like another unfortunate pharmaceutical mishap kicking in part way thru the metal show

“Avant garde DJ turntablism scratching black metal records” sounds like someone phoning you up on their nokia to play you their new Aphex ripoff track

Also I have discovered that alas this thing doesn’t seem to know what an airhorn, hoover or donk are :frowning:

EDIT: “Doom metal slowed down on tape” = some kind of doom vaporwave, kind of interesting

2x “tape noise with tape edits and tape” is getting close to something I could use for something :slight_smile:


The donk is unknowable. Being far beyond and outside intelligence, artificial intelligence will never know the donk. The donk is safe, for now.


IDK, I recall DJ Caveman Skillz / DJ Caveman Skull sounding not all that different from this. And it sounds pretty good.

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