Artist Setups

I’m always fascinated by other peoples setups, particularly artists that I love. I though it deserved a thread. Live and studio; picture and video. For starters, here’s one I found on reddit today - Four Tet’s live setup.


Definitely agree. I love looking at the sound making machines thread, but mostly because I like seeing how people organize their workspace. The state of one’s desk is very much an extension of one’s mind.


I predict this will become a noise table photos thread - and I’m completely fine with that.


Still a fan of his mouse + cooledit for glitch generation :slight_smile:

Was watching this Battles video yesterday. I like the relatively stripped down setup


There used to be an experimental duo who would both improvise on Nord G2 keyboards, facing each other. It was a simple and striking idea for performance. Anyone remember who they were?

Looks like someone was at yesterday’s show at the 104 in Paris! If you want to know, it was wonderful :slight_smile:

To add on Four Tet’s setup you can see the core of it in this video:

Seems like he swapped the Pioneer mixer for a Model 1.

Regarding the modular, apparently it was assembled with the help of Taraval (great techno artist who is also part of Caribou’s live band) you can see it on this IG post:

When you listen to his live recordings, you can hear he mostly uses it as a drum machine to add rhythmical parts to his transitions. You can also hear him retune his telharmonic a few times during his sets, which could be weird, but in my view adds a cool organic aspect. It seems to be sequenced by korg ER-1, or maybe both are played in combination.

If you want to see more, I recreated his setup in modular grid here:

Yeah, I’m kind of obsessed…


I love the old wooden beam!

I’ve always loved Dan Deacon’s setup and have seen it up close a couple of times:


pantoMorf -
Palle Dahlstedt is the creator of g2 patch mutator…
great musicians, great expression!


Glad this is landing for other people too. Let me add another one - Telefon Tel Aviv - featuring a monome.


Yes! thanks in 20 characters!

really liking this version of Battles. I felt like their trio stuff got a bit bloated.


Yeah, I think it make a lot of sense with how they use looping as a core musical tool.

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I love this stuff.

As a quick contribution to the thread, I have a lot of time for this corner of El-P’s studio:


Studios of a lot of ambient, new classical, drone, electronic folks:


pretty fun looking hybrid setup here, love the foot pedal usage.

more details here:


Loving these! As fun as it is to see all the gear, I do love the sentiments expressed such as:

“Tools are invaluable but I must lead the process, and don’t them to steer me too far from the creative process.” (Scanner)

“Even though I do like gear, I don’t get very attached to it and sell things rather quickly if I feel they don’t fit my current workflow.” (Jogging House)


I think I also saw him post a pic of Deckards’ Dream on his IG awhile back…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes, I absolutely did see that too. Not surprising for a Blade Runner geek like El, but stunning nonetheless!

Love his music and set up! Do you know what his live mixer is?