Arturia Matrixbrute

They stuck a 256 right in the middle of the panel.


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That looks great! Guess it will be $$$$$

@tehn I think you designed a truely forward thinking interface with the monome. Without you there would be no APC, no Ableton Push etc. And now this. They should all pay you 1$ for each sold product and you would be rich :smiley: Well anyway we keep on paying you with lots of love and praise mate!

Having had a look around at arturia’s new devices I really like the keystep. adds to wish list

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Watching the video for this reminded me I was essentially listening to the same oscillator in my microbrute. Now really inspired to get cracking on that when I have more time

I thought it would be at least twice that…

Massive new firmware 2.0 for the Matrixbrute dropped today, after much anticipation and delay. There’s a LOT here. Major sequencer overhaul, custom LFO waveform creator using the matrix (!), 4 pages of custom modulation destinations, and lots of quality of life improvements across the board. I’m pretty excited to dive in.