any ascii artists here? would love to see your work and hear about your process/history.

came across this nice archive recently: BBS Nostalgia - Ansilove

ps. i’m thinking the norns motd (displayed at ssh login) needs something new.


I am by no means an ascii artist, but I have found Monodraw for Mac super helpful for diagrams in code comments.


I’ve done a few things in Monodraw, but found not being able to set the line type really frustrating. It really felt like it wasn’t intended for what I was trying to do. Great For diagramming, though.

I’ve done a little bit here and there. I would definitely consider myself an amateur compared to some of the artists who fully grasp the potential of the form. Below are a few examples of my work:

Decade, a psychological landscape executed in ASCII depicting the first 10 years of my time living in New York City from 1999–2009.

Unicode Cruciforms is a series of algorithmic text-based drawings using only the unicode block characters: █ , ▓ , ▒ , and ░. Generator for these written in JS is available on github.

And an example of the .NFO files that I used to include with some of my .NSF releases.


I was deep into the ansi/ascii art scene between 93-96 or so, was in Remorse 1981, The Usual Suspects, Spastic, and had several small groups of my own… most of my stuff is gone forever lost on some hard drive but here are a few things I saved images of sometime in the early 2000’s

And also 2 ascii “collys” that I made around the same time? Please don’t judge too harshly I was a kid :slight_smile: If you can view the txt files with an amiga font that’s how they’re meant to be viewed…


R-MILLA.TXT (41.1 KB) S1-FUKD.TXT (24.1 KB)


Unicode Cruciforms is a series of algorithmic text-based drawings using only the unicode block characters: █ , ▓ , ▒ , and ░. Generator for these written in JS is available on github.

Awesome! I went searching for algorithmic / generative ASCII art a few months back and didn’t find a ton of results - this is cool!


Thanks, would love to hear about anything else you managed to find. I think there is a lot of potential there and intend to revisit the approach again sometime.

Also just wanted to shout out PabloDraw as a nice tool, the multi-user networking so you can draw and chat with friends is really fun.

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My friend DJ Shlucht does lots of amazing stuff on and other ansi / pixel things. I never really got into figuring out how to use it… some tools here that look good

I can’t find his page with 1000s of his ansi images right now… some kind of stuff is at … but During lockdown he’s been making artworks by getting some of his pixel/ansi drawings woven/embroidered as fabric, interesting blog on the process here:

and the final exhibition:

Here’s something I made in my youth :smiley:


FYI PETSCII is the commodore version of ansi art, one of my favorite petscii artists is Raquel Meyers, she does some very cool stuff and is very active still…

Also for a huge archive of ansi/ascii releases from the “scene” hit up 16colors


yesss. 16colors was the site i wanted to see today. and raquel meyers’ work is fantastic.

via raquel’s blog:

@Nullsleep @forrest seeing your art posted in a thread here warms my heart


Former ACiD member myself, but I never did a lot of ansi art. The early days of ega/vga gfx were what got me hooked.

Good documentary on the ansi side of the warez art scene:


I know what I’m watching tonight :heart_eyes:


ps. i’m thinking the norns motd (displayed at ssh login) needs something new.

Sorry about being slightly offtopic but I once nearly gave a heart attack to sys admin at my company when I replaced ssh login banner with an ascii face similar to meme man. He thought that our server was hacked :laughing:
So please be careful with all of that ASCI art, there can be casualties :wink:
And this might be also of interest to some: - gameboy emulator using utf-8 braille chars to display games in terminal


This is amazing. Gon send to a few folks who would b interested.

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It really is. I miss those days, using art directly as currency, and a sort of king of the hill scenario where everyone is pushing everyone else to to better and try harder. Good times!


that is a good story! for someone term’ing into a somewhat mysterious music machine, i can see nothing put positivity from being truly surprised at login.

consider this an open call—


Looks like the latest editor from the scene, which is working well for me is on macOS Catalina is Moebius, based on Pablo Draw…

Online editor seems pretty nice.

Also on windows there is rexpaint which a cool textmode artist by the name of Polyducks uses a lot because it allows you to paint with your own character sets which allows for some really interesting “textmode” art.


After this thread reignited my interest in text-based art, I ended up doing this landscape painting of Yosemite Valley. I’ve still never been to Yosemite National Park, we were supposed to visit last year before everything went to shit. Look forward to getting there some day, but for now this text version will have to do.


super cool what program are you using here, any recourses you could recommend? many many thanks

This was done with a combination of MonoDraw and a plain old text editor.

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