Ash (a small collection)

Anyone want to help me do a 64-grid version. At least help me with how to do it theoretically, then I can take a stab at doing the actual script. Or did someone already do this?

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Wondering how to add audio files for ash/angl…

Audio files are loaded via the Parameters menu.

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I had to use WebDAV to transfer files… what are the best file export settings to use for,Norns?

norns expects 48khz for imported audio – bit depth is irrelevant, tho. .wav is best.

added this info to the norns/manage docs for webDAV and SFTP, thanks for asking!

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are there any file types that won’t work or are problematic with norns?

like aiff-c, aiff, mp3, sdII etc., etc.

should all audio be .wav?

libsndfile determines which header formats support which sample formats. This information is detailed at

No mp3


Sweet! Thanks for adding! I was also wondering about audio file length… is there an expected length to make certain that the loop is continuous? I made and transferred a file the other night and there is a 1.0 - 1.5 second “blank/silent” space where the audio loop begins and ends… I used some of tehns files and they loop seemlessly? Wondering if you have an idea what I’m doing wrong?

was messing around with playfair last night.

literally just 2 lines of code is all that’s required to add crow triggers to the playfair sequencer. amazing. really impressed with the way the norns/crow environment has been architected to allow for such ease of development. Now if I can just find some time to get a bit deeper than just hacking at existing lua scripts…


Heyp! I’m pretty new to norns. 2 weeks now and running. I’m now figuring out my workflow at the moment. I noticed that when I play something with earthsea and record a pattern and then try to record this to tape, earthsea freezes or at least the pattern recording. Opposed to mlr for example keeps patterns playing when moving to tape mode in norns. Is this a known issue or is it just me? My workflow during train rides to work would go: 1) play something with earthsea 2) record this to tape 3) push recording to mlr or mangle 4) do great things. Thanks for great hw&sw all of you! I’m really enjoying it!

Wondering if its possible to use midi out on the earthsea implementation of Ash and if not, if its on the radar of implementing it?

It’s possible. At some point I had it mostly working, but that code is surely lost now :sweat_smile:

this should be trivial to add. on the list


Is there any specific documents or guide i would need to study if i want to include earthsea as lib into other scripts (timber and passersby) plus adding midi gate out?

I know i need exactly this:D

How easily could midi be added to earthsea as an output option?

extremely easily.

i am doing a round of updates in the next week, will get this on the list


Cool thanks! Been using the norns to sequence my Hydrasynth and think it’d make a nice playable interface. Was there ever any luck with the idea of overdubbing notes? I’ve seen that discussed and would love that feature too.

I share @kburwash’s dream of MIDI output from Earthsea.


same! would be great

If you find the necronomicon…

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