Ashuelot | Double bass + Modular/Norns/Crow/Arc

Up for pre-release today:

Ashuelot is a selection from a live double bass & modular set I performed for New York Modular Society while I was at a summer residency at 32M Center for Creative Work. It features a small modular system centered on Phonogene with haptic controls via arc and Binson emulator pedal (Dawner Prince’s Boonar).

I’m going to be adding more elements to this album launch over time as an experiment increasing the “launch window” for releases. So stay tuned for that. :slight_smile:

Feel free to ping me about any of the technical (or other!) elements of this music, I always feel a little self-conscious nerding out about gear on my website or newsletter but I love doing it here among others who I know are interested in that kind of thing.

I absolutely appreciate your support and also, for those who have more interest in music than they do spare cash, here are some download codes. I want you to have this music, let me know if the codes run out and I’ll add more:


grabbed this code because it sorta contains my name/initials.
thanks fro sharing!
choral sounds massive, cant wait to hear the rest of the set

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Just snagged f4q6-52pt. Really enjoyed the record. I need to try something like this with my ukulele bass.

hbnl-cu3u used, Thanks for the track. I’ve always had a place in my heart for double bass from when I played in the school orchestra in the late '60s. To this day I keep pondering getting one and running it through my electronics. I’m too old to ever get proficient on bass but I’m sure I could have some fun.