Astronomical Dusk - Season One Mixtape

Hey folks. A project I’ve been working on for quite some time is finally releasing today! Astronomical Dusk’s Season One Mixtape.

This is an hour long mix of 20 songs and recorded radio signals from the first season of my web radio show Astronomical Dusk, which aired throughout 2020. The Astronomical Dusk project has always been, in part, a way for me to release music without having to worry about a cohesive genre, so a compilation of songs from the program is perfect for a mixtape vibe. The tone and style change a lot between tracks, but everything flows together. Some songs are completely new here, and many of those that played on the show have been retouched, remixed, or extended.

There is a run of 50 cassettes available through Good Glass Records. These include the cassette itself, in a hard plastic shell, along with a track list booklet and a handmade, linoprint o-card. I made these on high quality metallic card stock with very lightfast relief ink so they will last a long time without fading.

Digital copies are available at I’ve included continuous files of sides a and b as bonus tracks there, in case you have a media player that likes to put nasty hiccups in between tracks.

I hope you enjoy listening! And if you want to hear more of the show itself, you can check out the link in my profile. Season 2 is going right now, with the next episode planned to release some time in April.


It’s Bandcamp Friday and we still have a bunch of tapes left, so if you’re interested and missed the launch then check it out!


Grabbed up a tape. The mixtape is a thing that holds a special place in my heart and this looks to be a beautiful one. Cheers.


instant purchase and cannot wait to tune in to your show (past, present, future)! on the radio show broadcasts, are you performing your music live? i love the format. super inspiring.

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Thanks, glad you like it!

The shows are pre-recorded, but it’s still fun to wait until astronomical dusk to post them. I’d love to do some live stuff in the future but I would need some band mates to manage that. Maybe one day.

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