Atonic - A Jamuary Album

For the first time I took part it (and completed) Jamuary. 31 days, 31 tracks all published on time. I decided to underline/celebrate this process by releasing an album. In particular I selected my 10 favourite tracks (all recorded as single takes to stereo audio) and compiled them into a somewhat coherent release.

Process wise I tried, deliberately to vary from day to day so some tracks have long parts I played as MIDI; some were arranged on the MPC, Vs some just done as mixer mutes; some included live played overdubs as things were recorded and more.

Hardware wise I can’t really remember what I used when, but I can say at the very least I used my Boss 500 effects, Peak, Bass station 2, Microfreak, Minibrute 2s, MPC and modular. I couldn’t tell you what modules I used but I am sure it included Panmix, Dixie, Takaab LPG, NLC VCAs, BMC Decay x4, Hysteria, FX Aid and my custom designed/made Euclidean rhythm and shift register modules.

Given the lines crowd, I’m sure you’ll also be interested in the track titles and album art (there is an image for each track as well as the album cover). The track covers are all made on my video synths (processing included blur, unsharp mask and colour related effects but no “local manipulation”) which was an interesting process for me. The album cover is a composite of all the track covers (in order). The track and album titles were all created using a Markov chain based word generator I wrote, seeded with a list of almost 20k electronic music albums (I ensured none of them appeared verbatim on the list). The results are very haphazard so I looked through 100s (maybe even 1000s) of candidates to find the ones I used, but I was strict about only using titles it generated.

Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully listening. It’s not necessarily the most interesting music I’ve made, but it’s nice to have a clear output from a project like Jamuary.

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