Attenuator solutions

I’m currently trying to figure out the best way to buy as many attenuators as possible for the least about of HP space and money. I’m thinking these would be the way to go:

I’d just be worried these don’t actually work that well or break easily.


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I don’t have any experience with the KOMA cables, but there is also the RYO inline attenuators, which can be DIY’d if you’re trying to save money:


They get the job done, but they’re not very fun to adjust. The actual slider and range is pretty small.

Dedicated attenuator modules are kind of a drag in smaller systems. I would recommend getting more small VCAs that can double as attenuators or something like Intellijel Triatt which is multifunctional (can mix/offset too).

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Oh thanks! I’ve seen these but didn’t know the name.

Yeah I’ve been sending my CV through a Mutable Veils but I want to sell it because I don’t really like the sound of it when I use it as a VCA. Was thinking about replacing it with the Erica Synth Quad VCA. I might have enough space for a Triatt but I really liked the idea of having something external for simple attenuation. I also have an Optomix and a Maths but those get used up in my patches very quickly. The Bastl Instruments Quattro Figaro looks interesting but I’ve had bad experiences with their modules in the past and am weary of their quality.

Quincas aka Synth DIY Guy (on Youtube), a friend of mine, made a video showing how to make some DIY 0hp attenuators and some other cool little utilities:


It would also be fairly easy to make a multiple attentuator box using an aluminiumin enclosure of the type used for guitar pedals if you are willing to diy. That would be durable and save HP while not being very large.

I’m sure the Triatt is perfectly good, but I do really like Mutable’s Shades for a basic attenuator/attenuverter since it has bipolar LEDs to let you know what you’re outputting. It doesn’t have the inverting attenuator mode the Triatt does (it is either an attenuverter or a standard attenuator), though, so they are a little different.

I’m just curious because I’ve thought of getting one: what don’t you like about the Veils sound? I’d have expected a pretty neutral response, basically only having any “character” depending on the exponential/linear settings.

I DIY’d a Befaco Dual Attenuverter which includes offsets as well. It’s only $65 and is pretty lean at 5hp.

Quadratt? Its one of the reasons my diy case will have a 1u row.

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Shades is probably a great option because I do love how Veils handles CV. I’m liking the idea of going with one module that has nice features and then also a bunch of simple 0hp attenuators. Just need to figure out which ones to go with.

When I was sending audio and envelopes to the Veils I didn’t like the character of the overdrive and it also clipped very easily. It’s really the only slightly negative thing I’ve ever had to say about a Mutable module. The Erica Black series is such high quality, I was thinking I would be happier with their quad VCA. I’m wondering what other peoples thoughts on Veils is. I’ve heard some positive and neutral things about it for sure.

Buy passive attenuators modules and don’t rack them. Also do the same for PLPG’s and mults.

When you have a few, screw them into a small enclosure and keep that next to your rig.


dang, that is a clever setup, especially if one would like to spare the 1-2hp over other options and/or would be frequently mixing signals, but didn’t need the 3-4 channels of Shades/Triatt/Quadratt. Separate offset seems pretty dang useful, too, and prevents the need of using multiple channels of the other modules to apply offset.

I have a weird DIY 9Ux64hp case that I’ve been thinking of scaling down to 7Ux64hp since I already have the rails…Quadratt would definitely be in there if I did that. @jnoble seems downright obsessed with his :slight_smile:

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Wow this is proving to be really helpful. Thank you everyone. I actually have an extra pair of rails laying around. I could DIY a 1U row, slap it on top of my case, and get the Quadratt. The S.P.O or Shades are the perfect size for something inside of my current case. If I get both of these things it won’t cost me too much and I’ll have a decent amount of attenuation!


Yeah, if you have an Intellijel-compatible 1U row, the Quadratt is great because the horizontal placement of the knobs can make it an easier to access/handle control section. Especially when it’s in the top row.

I’d check out the Trogtronic VGA/Envelope one-two punch of m16/Multiplex (VGA) and m12/Detektor (EG). The m16 is 8HP - the same size as the ALM Tangle Quartet - but unlike the TG it offers pots on the mixed output. I’m super intrigued by its relationship with the m12 in part because of all the delicious manual control toys they have for the m12. FWIW I have the ALM TG right now but am planning to move to the m16 when I “upgrade” my components.

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…and CV control of those two mixed outputs! Quite a lot in 8hp. I’m surprised I hadn’t come across this one before!

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It strikes me as the ideal companion for an output module like the Bastl Ciao.

So after some thought and research I decided to go with the Mutable Triatt and the SSF/WMD S.P.O. I got them both used so it was affordable and light on the HP too.

I also talked to Robert at Control about the Koma attenuator cables and he said they were amazing and really useful to have. Once they restock them I’m going to buy a pack of five.

This should definitely cover my attenuator/attenuverter needs for now. Thanks to @sellanraa and @joshhh for the recommendations!


I was all set with my attenuator thoughts until a doubt crept into my head.

If I am looking to attenuate CV from batumi passive should be fine? Right?