Audible whine from Meadowphysics

I’m noticing that when my meadowphysics is powered by switch (and switch has a grid connected) it emits a faint high-pitched whine. When the grid is removed from switch, or switch is… switched… to another module, the whine stops.

I also have an earthsea, and don’t get this behaviour at all from the es when it’s being powered by switch.

Connections look fine. At first I thought it might be the remote jumper lead to the teletype, as mp was connected while es doesn’t have the header pins, but removing the jumper from mp and tt didn’t change anything.

If anyone has any pointers for what to look at, my appreciation would be great! Thanks.

This happens when lots of LEDs are lit on the grid at the same time. Is this your situation?

This has been discussed in various threads I’ve seen, and seems to just be the way it is.

Oddly enough, that is the sound I have been going for…

Damon †

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I don’t use switch, so I’m not sure if this is your situation, but you might need to power the grid from a non-grounded source. See White whale noise issue - UK advice?. I had a whine that went away when I used a ground lift to power the ext5v.

This definitely sounds like the whine is coming from the grid itself, not the module. The issue being that in general MP has a lot more leds lit than ES. In our experiements we found the noise to be acceptable, though we’re looking into ways to reduce this in future.

Thanks for the help everyone. It does look like the lit leds are the cause, as suggested. When I dim them the noise is significantly reduced.

With headphones on it’s not noticeable at all, so knowing that it’s nothing to worry about, I can live with it.

i do have totally the same thing with my aleph /