Audio editor that allows to split a recording into loops?

I am looking for an audio editor in which i could define multiple regions that must be perfect loops. I need to audition them as i set their borders, then export them all at once.
The lengths of the loops are independent from the others.
Any idea ?

I even had an expired trial version installed on my computer and it won’t let me purchase it.
That’s insane.

The latest version of Hydrogen should have some nice slicing-features, if not then Freecycle should definitely do the trick if you’re in the linux-world.

OS 10.11.6 here.
I’ve been hesitating buying Sound Forge for years. Just let me buy the thing !

hi @chapelierfou, totally of topic here, but i heard your music pop up in a dutch radio documentary, starts around 3:30:

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Yep, seems to be me !