Audio editors for Mac

Ocenaudio is definitely a great option for quick edits. Their bundled effects are sometimes a bit sub-standard and I personally would suggest to disable the “automatic fades” that is applies when you cut/trim portions of a file. The UI is easy and get out of the way most of the time. It’s a bit weird here and there, but generally I’m pretty happy with it!

I don’t know how well it works for sample rate and bit depth conversions, I would check that, in case that’s something relevant to you.

This said, I think the concerns raised against Audacity have been somewhat exagerated, but I am neither a law expert nor did I really look into it more closely. My main reason against Audacity still the UI.

recently I requested Ocenaudio to provide individual sample level editing (eg. with a pencil tool). This is an important feature for me…

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