Audio file slicer?

I’m currently wanting to create uniform-length audio files (say 30 or 40secs each) from a long audio file (10+minutes).

In my dream world I’d drop the long file in a folder and some software would run and deposit the sliced files in a different folder.

I’m on Mac. I have a feeling some combo of Automator and FFMPEG can do this but I’m not sure where to start.

I’ll be doing this with a bunch of files which is why I’m hoping to find an automated way of doing it.

Can anyone here point me in a direction?

If you’re willing to use the command line, sox is a great tool to have for this kind of thing (simple edits, changing sample rate / bit depth, volume boost/cut, etc). This StackOverflow answer looks like pretty much what you want:


Hi. Could anyone recommend similar tools for Windows? I have a vague idea of automatically pasting together single seconds of random mp3s from a folder, but no idea where to start.

Dude, use my software: Argeïphontes Lyre

Audio >> Eviscerator Reanimator

Set it for sequence evisceration


Holy shit! I remember using Argeïphontes Lyre back in 2001 or so! It was one of the first music applications I ever used on a computer and it blew my mind. Many fond memories of that time when computer music applications were scarce and arcane and weird. Awesome to see you here!

You might be interested in this thread (in which your work is discussed):


Awesome! Ahhhh the naughties, back when I was young and pretty. :grin:

cool, I’ll check out the thread.